Shading The Windows To The Soul…

Or Deception Is Our Nature

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Full-length mirror selfie

Who doesn’t like feeling and looking their best especially when you’re preparing for a special event? But what about those times when you feel like pond scum? This question I faced a few days ago as I was getting ready for another followup appointment with my ophthalmologist.

Over the past two weeks, I had one emergency room, one doctor, two ophthalmologist visits, antibiotics, steroids, and anti-inflammatories, and all over one eye, my good eye. After I recovered from the flu it began with a minor itch in the corner of my eye, then blossomed into an aching, swollen, mess that has me couped up and practically bathing in antibacterial products.

Needless to say, makeup has been out of the question but what’s a girl to do when she has to go to a follow-up appointment? She breaks out the heavy artillery. That’s right, a dress, boots, fur vest and the most important item dark oversized shades. Adding a little lip color and no one was the wiser, all I had to do was keep my gear on.

Description is in the body of the post.
Left to right shows improvement in the left eye.

I actually felt better and couldn’t help secretly smiling knowing I was such a sight under my sunglasses. As my son and I waited until we were called in to see the doctor he gave me the sweetest compliment saying “yeah mom, you look nice but I wouldn’t expect any different because deception is the nature of your sex,” I burst out laughing. He has such a way with words and who’d thought his sexist comment would become the title of my blog post?

Even though I’m still not 100 percent laughter always makes me feel better and I try to find humor all around me. Not taking myself so seriously has truly helped me survive what I may have once thought wasn’t survivable.

Description: In the full-length mirror selfie I am wearing a burgundy and black floral wrap dress, black suede knee-high boots, gray faux fur vest, silver earrings, stretchy cuff bracelet. I must have been sick because I totally forgot to sport my burgundy booties, oh well there be another time.

The collage of four selfies shows the improvement in the swelling of my left eye. In the two upper photos, the eye is nearly swollen shut. In the bottom two pictures, the eye is opening.

Do you have any tricks up your sleeve when you’re not feeling your best? Please do tell, you’re among friends here.





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7 thoughts on “Shading The Windows To The Soul…

  1. Hi Patty, with each day it gets better thank you. No, I do not nor have I ever worn real fur. I’m quite happy with the fake stuff. Oh my, 16 teeth at one time would be uncomfortable but once you heal, what you’re feeling now will feel like a distant memory. Wishing you a speedy recovery massive dental work can wreck all kinds of havoc on the body. At times I’ve felt like I’ve been in a prize fight after having teeth pulled so I feel for you. Get well soon friend.

  2. Awe, thanks Khaya. I think the worst of it is over as the swelling has all but disappeared however it’s feeling like my iritis is flaring up. Light makes it hurt but I hope this bit of discomfort is signaling the end.

  3. Ah, I hope you feel better again by now dear Steph. Just a question, you were not wearing real fur I hope?
    Great post do and I truly feel you…last week 16 of my teeth needed to be extracted and although it is healing as we speak, I can’t wear the denture yet, still to painful, so nope, don’t feel that beautiful right now, 😉

  4. Oi, Steph! I’m sorry to hear you’ve been battling inflammation in your eye. I hope the worst is over.

    Yes you are so right, not taking ourselves seriously does help navigate difficulties. And you look absolutely fabulous in your stunning outfit.👌🏽😀

  5. Great advice, not taking ourselves too seriously. It is when we cannot laugh at ourselves that we are in trouble.
    I wonder how many of us tried to look better than we felt for medical appointments this week.
    Hoping you are better soon!

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