Self-Care Sundays With Gabby: Holiday

Self-care Sunday image is a Christmas music gift concept. Headphones and gift box on a wooden table.


Self-Care Sundays With Gabby

by Gabby Mendonca

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all having a good week despite all of the wackiness with the election.

Lately, I have been trying to relax more and stress less. I know a lot of people might think that it is too early to listen to Christmas music, but I have been blasting Christmas since the day after Halloween. So this weekend, if you are a big fan of Christmas like me, try setting aside time to watch a Christmas movie or just listen to Christmas music.

Self-care Sundays Image: Smiling teenager with headphones on.

I want to hear from you. Let me know what you did this weekend to focus on self-care. In a time that is really zany and weird, try to find the things that bring you joy. Speaking of, Starbucks has their Christmas drinks and Christmas cups. So get out there and grab 1 of those drinks.

Hope you all have a great Self-Care Sunday.

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  • Header – Christmas music gift concept. Headphones and gift box on a wooden table.
  • Smiling teenager with headphones on appears to be singing.

Published by Gabby Mendonca

I am currently in college studying communications in digital media. Music has been a huge passion of mine since the age of 5. When I am not busy with school, I like to film videos for my channel. Self-care is really beneficial for us all, so come along as I share tips and stories with you all. :)

4 thoughts on “Self-Care Sundays With Gabby: Holiday

  1. I saw Christmas decorations in a few stores back in September and heard some Christmas music in one in October. That’s a bit early for me but I have begun watching Christmas movies on Netflix. I think this year will be unlike any we’ve ever experienced.

  2. Stores already have Christmas decorations up. They just skipped right over Thanksgiving 🙂 I watch Christmas movies all year round! I kept up my walks and exercising to deal with the stress of the week. I know the work we are doing will bring forth a new timeline once we succeed. But in the meantime, I am breathing a sigh of relief to see Trump defeated. To quote John Cusack “Trump is an evil MF and he grinds our face in it everyday”. These past 5 years have been exhausting to see and read all the tweets and news stories. May we soon be living on the timeline of Oneness and abundance and peace!

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