Seeing Differently A Message Of Hope For 2020

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BEAUTY BUZZ & BLOG BIZ | 2020 A Year Of Vision

Happy New Year Everyone!!

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2020 A Year of Vision

Built on the premise that “Real Beauty Transcends Barriers,” Bold Blind Beauty was created to empower blind and visually impaired women. In recognition of the year 2020, we are excited to unveil our “2020 A Year Of Vision” Campaign. The focus of the campaign will be on changing perceptions about the disability community and promoting inclusiveness.  

Changing perceptions begins with building awareness and promoting respect for people with disabilities. We plan to achieve the goal of changing the way we perceive one another by sharing our stories and having mutual respect for humanity. In 2020 we are thrilled to present as part of the “2020 A Year of Vision” Campaign: 

Compassionate & Broader Perspectives Promote Acceptance

It seems we must label and categorise to ‘impose order’ over our world, to allocate meaning, to think of things in a prescribed way.

~Robyn Haynes | Big Dreams For A Tiny garden

I won’t pretend to know how or when segregation began as this is outside of my area of expertise. However, as my friend Robyn observes in her post “Star Of Bethlehem” I agree that taxonomies are human-imposed.

As humans we are and simultaneously are not, the same. Think about it, when we strip away our exteriors what are we left with? Sure, many factors go into our becoming the individuals we are and the beauty of being human lies in our complexities. Unfortunately, all humanity isn’t equally valued.

As a nearly 60-year-old minority who lives with an acquired disability, I have some experience in what being different means. Something I’ve noticed; when others who are not minorities become disabled, it becomes apparent how being different impacts their lives. Side note: as a minority group, the disability community does NOT discriminateanyone can become a member. I’ve also noticed that when we experience a national or international tragedy we can come together in shared grief.

Since no one can possibly know what it’s like to walk in another’s shoes it’s our responsibility to be empathetic. Is this difficult? Absolutely it is! Just thinking of all the areas of contention we have with fellow humans is dizzying. And truth be told, some people while we may have to let them go for whatever reason, they are still valuable humans. In “When the corpse is not ours…” my friend and author Jacqueline (A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales) challenges our view of humanity.

“No other “group” has the power to erase and redefine another person’s identity to suit their own bias – to control which areas of society in which others may engage in relative safety.”

~Jambo Robyn | Jambo Robyn Stories about ordinary things

Learning To Respect Differences

Appreciating differences and accepting people where they are is at the heart of humanity. If you subscribe to the idea that humanity is imperfect, respecting differences can begin with embracing our own flaws. So how then can we learn to see differently? Here are a few tips to practice:

  • Gratitude without comparison: Comparing ourselves with one another is pointless and detrimental to our wellbeing. So many of us are overly concerned with being who others think we should be and in the process, we lose ourselves. Being grateful for who you are, begins with knowing yourself. No one can define who you are except you. Self-compassion enables you to wholly embrace yourself and gratitude diminishes the need for comparison. What are your vulnerabilities, strengths, weaknesses, and values?
  • Let go of perfectionism: We’re complex creatures none of whom are perfect. Do not give power to your inner critic. Doing the best we can with what we have is enough.
  • Positivity as a choice: In our increasingly divisive culture it can be challenging to avoid negativity however we always have a choice. We do not have to engage in negative behavior or commentary.
  • Kindness: Being open to the idea that others’ lives may differ greatly from your own is okay. We cannot and should not expect everyone to live as we do. Respecting other people’s right to live and choose how to do so is humanitarianism. Live and let live and above all be kind.

In 2020 let’s do better and be the best versions of ourselves that we can be! I leave you with a song I’ve declared as my anthem:

We Are Here To love | Lenny Kravitz

What are your thoughts on how we can transform our culture and respect one another?

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👩🏾‍🦯 | INTJ | HSP | Collector of knowledge | Alpaca Fanatic “If I stop to kick every barking dog, I am not going to get where I'm going.” ~Jackie Joyner-Kersee Hi, I'm Steph! I'm a highly sensitive proud introvert and a recovering people-pleaser. These traits or quirks used to bother me because I always felt out of place until I began a recent process of self-acceptance. While I'm still a work in progress, I view my quirks as my superpowers and am grateful that they contribute to who I am today.

45 thoughts on “Seeing Differently A Message Of Hope For 2020

  1. Fabulous post to start 2020 with, dear Stephanae. As well as the vision and goals. Labels helps humans indeed to avoid chaos, however, to me, the danger lies into identifying oneself with certain labels. Per example; ‘minority’, who the **** invented this label? To me you are definitely NOT ‘minor’.
    Warm regards, Patty

  2. YES Steph, I could not agree more!! I´ve worked very hard on this topic for the last years and let go of a lot of people – and I agree, it´s like an opening is created through that through which more aligned beings can appear 🙂 Awesome! I am also very happy to be connected with you! You are such a strong and creative woman. Thanks for your kind words!!! It´s great to find likeminded souls! 🤗💗

  3. You know what’s funny? I’ve noticed that since implementing boundaries, letting go of toxic people, and practising self compassion that I’m meeting and engaging with more and more people who are aligned with my way of thinking. Take this conversation for example, it’s meaningful and it also validates both of us. I know I’ve said it before but I must repeat that I am so happy to have connected with you!! You inspire me. 🤗💗

  4. Hi Steph. thank you so much for your wonderful and very thoughtful reply! Yes, Lenny´s song is really fabulous, I am gonna add it to my list of favorite songs for sure. It´s really helpful to hear about your own process and I love your wording ” it´s challenging loving those who do not see life as sacred”. Yes, that´s exactly it!! And I agree with your insights on toxic or unaware people – that has been a big lesson for me, that we need to establish and honor strong boundaries when needed! Everybody has their own path and learning lessons I guess, and I feel I know am at a place where I know I deserve respect and kindness, and if people are not aligned with that (generally speaking, of course, we all can have off days or times), I have learned to detach and let go. So happy for you that you have found and embraced the concept and practice of self-compassion! It´s such an eye-opener, isn´t it`? And requires dedication for sure. I love that we are talking about this! Here´s to year and decade with lots of reframing, compassionately redirecting self-critical energies and shining our light 🙂 Hugs ❤️ You are an inspiration!!

  5. Hi Maria Elena, thank you so much for your beautiful comment and I’m so happy that you like Lenny’s song. The first time I heard it I’m like YES!! I can wholly embrace this. Like you, I also struggle with not judging people for a variety of reasons and it’s so challenging loving those who do not see life as sacred. There are no easy answers except for doing the best we can with what we have and to continue advocating for making the world a better place. Even so, there are unfortunately some toxic people in the world who cannot be granted access to our lives and for these types of situations solid boundaries have to be put in place but only after trying to make things work out. Learning to become more self compassionate was one of the hardest tasks I’ve taken on but it’s also one of the best things I’ve done. Keeping the theme going in 2020 I’m using the word “reframing” to increase my self-compassion with a goal of muting my inner critic. It’s always so very good connecting with others who really get it. Hugs to you!!!💖

  6. Hello Steph:), what a gorgeous post, full of hope, inspiration, and great thought-provoking input. And what a perfect song!! Lenny Kravitz is such a cool cat, and I could not agree more to his message “We are here to love. We must rise above”. You know, this is a very timely message for me. While I am all about seeing beyond differences and focus on what unites us as humans, I am struggling not to judge people who do not care about the environment, animals, or people who are in vulnerable positions. I am definitely getting stretched there – how do we love those who do not know how to love, or are severely blocked there, and who do not see the interconnectedness of everything? So, thank you so much for sharing your post and this truly wonderful song! And I love how you brought up the concepts of self-compassion and gratitude. Those are some of the core-concepts I try to live by and I am happy you shared these deeply healing ideas with the world! Thanks for your wonderful work!

  7. I’ve been reading a number of Brené Brown books and they’ve been tremendously helpful to me. I pay close attention to who is in any given arena with me and where they sit. Those who have commentary but lack substance no longer matter and when you talk about being drained by individuals like this I no longer have the strength to endure their antics. Previously I tolerated the behavior because part of me felt it was expected but I think a greater part of me believed I didn’t deserve better. The book “Gaslighting Recognize Manipulative and Emotionally Abusive People–and Break Free” by Stephanie Moulton Sarkis was enlightening and even though I still have difficulty understanding how people can intentionally behave in this way, I know it’s true from personal experience. Before last summer self-love was a foreign concept to me and I’m so thankful that once I took that first difficult step in “no contact” it then opened the door to more positivity in my life. Thank you so much for your kind words adjusting my work to spend more time here on WordPress has been very worthwhile and I love having these types of conversations. BIG HUGS!!

  8. Good for you!! I love it! It’s not easy to close the door on toxicity, especially with those we love. I have worked long and hard on me to clean up my act and in doing so, firmly made the decision I would not allow toxic people in my close circle. I’ve actually witnessed one person change just so that he would stay in my life. This is not a false change, but a permanent one. I’m in awe what actions can do …. words prove nothing to me and when I consistently showed this person I would not tolerate certain behavior around me, change came along due to love towards me. I used to allow those who “love” me in my life and would be so drained afterwards that it took sometimes days for me to recover. No more! I honestly don’t care anymore what these people think of me. I’ve earned the freedom and the right to live in peace without turmoil. This is a journey, a long one to unfold. And yes it IS all about self-love. I am so proud of you I could burst! Keep on the path, don’t give up, and don’t doubt yourself. BIG HUGS to you!! xoxo

  9. AmyRose your comment touches me deeply because I’m in agreement with you. I only learned the importance of eliminating toxic people from my life last year and while it was hard it was necessary. Learning to embrace and love myself as I am has been a struggle and I’m still learning but the path I am on is the right one for me. I love your philosophy. Hugs to you!

  10. Happy New Year, Stephanae! I have dedicated my life to Love and Kindness. And for those who cast stones at me, I have chosen that they are not in my life. It is their loss and mine too. But I will not allow judgment near me for that is NOT my walk. I LOVE this post and the song gave me goosebumps!!! No there is no more time to waste on hatred and segregation ….. this world needs LOVE. That has been my fundamental message the entire time I have been blogging …. 6 years. (((HUGS)))!!! xo

  11. Happy New Year, Steph! And thank you for your wonderful message of hope. May we learn to respect differences. I ponder your question, too “… how we can transform our culture and respect one another?” I believe kindness and respect are key.

  12. Hi Caroline, thank you for stopping by, reading and commenting. Yeah, for a while there trying to manage multiple social media platforms became a task that took me away from WordPress and I’ve rethought how I want to do things. The connections and conversations here on WordPress are so meaningful to me I’m going to spend the majority of my time here. 🤗 Happy New Year!!

  13. Happy New Year Albert! How are you? Thank you for commenting. Continuing BBB is my intention as long as I can keep up the pace. 🤗

  14. My philosophy has always been ‘do as you would be done by’. If everybody took up this mantle I’m sure it would do great things regarding getting people to respect one another.

  15. Kindness, gratitude…so important for all of us to live by. I haven’t been on your blog for some time and now I’m reminded of the important work you do. Thank you! Congrats on continuing to grow your campaign and building the Abby “brand”.
    Happy New Year Steph!

  16. Awe, thank you Katelon. You know, part of my whole self-discovery thing can be attributed to you and our many conversations through the years. While I’m not an empath I am sensitive and have been learning so much about my personal traits. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me, I really appreciate it. Happy New Year!!

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