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Representation Matters | Meet The Faces…

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Of Bold Blind Beautiful Accomplished Women

Real Beauty Transcends Barriers

Bold Blind Beauty

Representation Matters! And I couldn’t think of a better way to relaunch our Monthly Beauties feature than to share a post from Shaini S. Shaini has been previously featured as a Blind Beauty here on Bold Blind Beauty. Going forward the guests on Monthly Beauties will be presented as a cover with a personal quote or short story and their social media platforms.

I hope you enjoy her message as much as I do. Without further ado I’d like to introduce you to Monthly Beauties: “Meet The Faces of Bold Blind Beautiful Accomplished Women.” ~Steph

Blind Is Beautiful

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I was asked to work on a makeup look that represented the blind community and myself! So as most of you know I recently lost more vision due to a hole in my right eye causing me to lose sight in that eye. So I decided to do a complete Smokey eye on my right eye to represent the loss of sight and marked an X over that eye. On the left eye, I did a halo eye to represent the tunnel vision that I have in that eye due to my Retinitis Pigmentosa. 

The phrase BLIND IS BEAUTIFUL is used, as society has this label on our community that we aren’t able to take care of ourselves, and that we aren’t able to look presentable due to our lack of vision! I’ve had my fair share of ridiculous things said to me, which made me realize that it’s due to the lack of awareness, representation and/or misrepresentation of the blind community in the makeup, fashion, entertainment, and several other industries! 

On several occasions, I’ve been told well you’re pretty for a blind girl?! Like WTH is that supposed to mean? I’ve also been accused of lying about my blindness because of the way I dress and do my makeup up! I always have to remember not to react to these messages and comments but to respond back with information to educate them of what the real blind community is like and how we all come in different races, shapes and different degrees of vision loss!

Image is described in the body of the post.

I know the past 2-3 years there has been a huge improvement of representation in media, and hope that it will just continue to get better and help raise awareness about the reality of how we live our lives like sighted people but just with a few adaptations and guiding tools! I had so much fun playing with makeup after so many months and this was my first time since the sight loss in the right eye, so I had some roadblocks but found ways to make it work! Thank god for memory and being able to feel my way to know where to apply my makeup! Nothing is impossible, we just have to make a few adjustments and find our way of getting things done.

🙏I hope you’re all well and staying safe ♥️! A big thank you to @seeaneed for helping me out 🙌#BlindIsBeautiful #potd #motd #VisuallyImpaired #Thriver 

Thank you Shaini for allowing Bold Blind Beauty to share your important message!

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