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Remembering Waldo

Where’s Waldo?

Standing on my balcony wearing a tapered bob wig.

Photo taken in the spring of 2014

Remembering the Waldo books from when my kids were little inspired me to do a post on personal photos or lack thereof. Granted for a while there I could use the blind(er) card as a reason but now that I’ve got my recent vision issue fixed this excuse is no longer valid.

So what gives Steph? I’m glad you asked. It seemed strange that while I was losing more vision I was also losing my hair but there you have it, I’m going bald. Well maybe I’m exaggerating just a tad but I am losing hair in the most conspicuous places, right along the forehead – ouch!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you know that I’m a lover of wigs because of the versatility they offer. So it just seems so wrong that one year after I put the wigs to rest and decide go natural, and not just natural mind you but extremely short natural, that the hair gods bless me with baldness.

Some of you may be thinking, or maybe not, “gee Steph with that short doo you were sporting, you were already almost bald so what’s your issue?” To which my response would be “here’s the thing, being intentionally almost bald is quite different than unintentional hair loss.”

Sitting on my balcony wearing an edgy asymmetrical wig.

Photo from Autumn 2014

The good news is that I have options:

  1. I can get my hair taken almost completely off to blend with the bald spots.
  2. I can get a new wig.
  3. I can do both.

The purpose of this post is two-fold: #1. to let you know that pictures will be forthcoming when I can make a decision on which route I want to go. #2. if you are experiencing a similar dilemma you can take heart and know that you also have options.

Some people get all tied up in knots just over the thought of wearing a wig but if you think of a wig as just another accessory you’ll find that you can have fun with it. Through the years I’ve gone with and without wigs and the one thing that was consistent was that I always achieved a different look and didn’t take wig wearing too seriously.

As additional considerations to wig wearing I want to provide you with some benefits:

  1. You’ll save oodles of time in preparing to face the world
  2. Synthetic wigs require little maintenance
  3. Alternatively natural hair wigs can be styled
  4. You have a multitude of different hairstyles from which to choose
  5. You’ll delight in the shock value received when people compliment your fabulous hairstyle and you respond with “why thank you, I bought it”

Just one more thing before I go, I was thinking of changing the title of the blog to Bald Blind Beauty. Thoughts? Anyone?


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