Remembering Waldo

Where’s Waldo?

Standing on my balcony wearing a tapered bob wig.
Photo taken in the spring of 2014

Remembering the Waldo books from when my kids were little inspired me to do a post on personal photos or lack thereof. Granted for a while there I could use the blind(er) card as a reason but now that I’ve got my recent vision issue fixed this excuse is no longer valid.

So what gives Steph? I’m glad you asked. It seemed strange that while I was losing more vision I was also losing my hair but there you have it, I’m going bald. Well maybe I’m exaggerating just a tad but I am losing hair in the most conspicuous places, right along the forehead – ouch!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you know that I’m a lover of wigs because of the versatility they offer. So it just seems so wrong that one year after I put the wigs to rest and decide go natural, and not just natural mind you but extremely short natural, that the hair gods bless me with baldness.

Some of you may be thinking, or maybe not, “gee Steph with that short doo you were sporting, you were already almost bald so what’s your issue?” To which my response would be “here’s the thing, being intentionally almost bald is quite different than unintentional hair loss.”

Sitting on my balcony wearing an edgy asymmetrical wig.
Photo from Autumn 2014

The good news is that I have options:

  1. I can get my hair taken almost completely off to blend with the bald spots.
  2. I can get a new wig.
  3. I can do both.

The purpose of this post is two-fold: #1. to let you know that pictures will be forthcoming when I can make a decision on which route I want to go. #2. if you are experiencing a similar dilemma you can take heart and know that you also have options.

Some people get all tied up in knots just over the thought of wearing a wig but if you think of a wig as just another accessory you’ll find that you can have fun with it. Through the years I’ve gone with and without wigs and the one thing that was consistent was that I always achieved a different look and didn’t take wig wearing too seriously.

As additional considerations to wig wearing I want to provide you with some benefits:

  1. You’ll save oodles of time in preparing to face the world
  2. Synthetic wigs require little maintenance
  3. Alternatively natural hair wigs can be styled
  4. You have a multitude of different hairstyles from which to choose
  5. You’ll delight in the shock value received when people compliment your fabulous hairstyle and you respond with “why thank you, I bought it”

Just one more thing before I go, I was thinking of changing the title of the blog to Bald Blind Beauty. Thoughts? Anyone?


  1. Thx D. the spiky one is my contribution to being edgy lol. Yeah, I’ve told friends of mine that they’re a great way to try out a new hairstyle prior to taking the plunge on their natural hair.

  2. If you get this twice I apologize Donna, something happened when I went to send the message. The title change was more of a pun looking at the lighter side of hair loss. One of my readers actually suggested a tag line: “To Baldly Go Where No Man…” haha. But seriously this post brought about some excellent suggestions from another reader and while I am going to go the wig route I can’t wait to try some of her recommendations. I hadn’t given much thought as to the why but there could be other reasons aside from thyroid issues can may be the cause.

  3. Hi Donna, thank you for stopping by. Yeah the reference to the title was more of a pun to on the lighter side of hair loss. One of my readers actually suggested adding a tagline: “To Baldly Go Where No Man…” This post actually brought about some excellent recommendations from another reader and I can’t wait to try them out. I hadn’t given too much thought as to the why it’s happening and she was able to provide some insight.

  4. Steph, glad to hear the vision fix went well! I wouldn’t really change the blog name (search engine optimization and all that) but I do like it:)Enter your comment here…

  5. Yes, I’m working my way to your blog as I write this response. Wow, this is a ton of useful info. At least I can say for the past 10-15 years I haven’t fried anything. Sadly I can’t say I haven’t eaten anything fried but it is at a minimum. I’d love to eat organic, and I do when I can but unfortunately it’s currently out of my reach as I don’t have enough within my budget to afford it. This is one of those sore spots with me because in this country we talk about healthy eating yet for many people they just don’t bring in enough money to afford to eat healthy and the alternatives as you say, are poison. I’ve never been a big meat eater, always preferred chicken over meat any day and I love fish but don’t eat nearly as much as I should. I can’t wait though to pick up some more healthy tips from your blog and I’ll be looking out for the piece your going to do on relaxers (that’s scary). Thankfully I haven’t had a relaxer in well over a year and prior to that it was at least 5 years or so since I had one. I am looking at more natural products for my skin though because I’m fed up with all the chemicals being put into just about everything we consume. Thank you so much for this. <3

  6. Here are a few more…

    Cut out dairy and get your Protein from beans, nuts, and legumes. Use a Vegetarian/Vegan Protein Powder to supplement if you have to.

    Eat as many raw vegetables as you can and fruit, a good way to get this in daily is by juicing and making smoothies using orange juice and almond milk as your base.

    Never ever ever eat from a can! This is nothing but poison! And curtail processed foods! Bye beans, grains, and Veggies and cook your own food, this way you are not getting the chemicals and poisons going into your body!

    When it comes to meat stick with fish, chicken, lamb, and turkey; and Tr to buy it organic, meaning free of chemicals!

    Wherever you fry, never use lard, always fry with olive oil on medium to low heat, olive oil burns faster but it naturally lubricates your food. You can use coconut oil as well.

    Use baby oil gel for your hair if you don’t have a natural oil to use. Check out my About Page, baby oil gel keeps my hairy shiny and my scalp healthy. I only use it once a week after I shampoo and it last for 7 days! I have no more chemicals in my head and I use only natural products.

    Finally, visit my Blog and search for Sahiyena In Print and Are You Tired of Eating Crap? Read these Health Articles…they will help!

    I am going to do a piece on Relaxers Causing Hormone Problems in African American Women soon so look for that, I may title it differently but that will be the subject matter.

    Love you girl and I look forward to a praise report!

  7. bald blind beauty hey you could rock it actually and then add the tag” to baldy go where no bald woman has gone before” hahaha

    whenever someone compliments me on my hair “I say I grew it myself ^_^”

  8. Oh wow!! This is so helpful. I’m going to take these suggestions, try them, and of course I’ll have to do an update. I am going to do the wig thing even with getting my hair cut down but thank you so much for these valuable tips. Just about all the factors you mentioned except for iron deficiency apply to me.

  9. An overactive thyroid does cause hair thinning, but haven’t heard of it causing bald spots.

    Patch hair loss is Alopecia areata, it is temporary usually. Factors are heredity, hormones, aging, iron deficiency, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, hair chemicals and dyes to name a few.

    What is Helpful…

    Essential Fatty Acids – flaxseed oil, evening primrose, salmon oil.

    Ultra Hair from Nature’s Plus

    Vitamin B Complex

    Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids

    Vitamin E



    Use apple cider vinegar and sage tea as a hair rinse.

    Switch to natural hair products…no chemicals!

    Start with these before using any drugs or chopping off your glory, give it around three months to see change.

  10. Haha thank you Pat, it was more of a pun on my part with regard to the title trying to make light of the hair loss. Another reader of mine wanted to know the reason (which I should have touched on) because I don’t know the cause but I am going to look into it further with my doctor. Thank you for the compliments <3.

  11. Yeah, I’m not sure myself but I do have a doctor’s appointment coming up to see if it could possibly be tied to thyroid issues. I remember around this time last year experiencing a similar situation and my stylist told me not to worry and the issue did resolve itself but I don’t think this is a coincidence and want to be sure there isn’t anything medically wrong.

  12. Hahaha, most certainly we will stick with Bold… It was amusing to me to think of the title matching my current hairless status. The loss of hair can be an emotional thing for a lot of people but I think we need to focus more on who we are as opposed to what we look like. Even though appearance is, and will continue to be at the forefront, I’m more interested in the character of a person.

  13. Beautiful post as usual. From the photos I’ve seen you are beautiful no matter what hairstyle you choose. But I’m looking forward to your post on wig wearing, I could give my natural hair a break from braids.
    OK jokes aside, can we please stick with Bold on the blog title:-). There is something empowering about that word.

  14. A new reader, not sure I understand what caused the hair loss?

  15. Hi Stephanie I like the name you have on your site. Wigs are a nice accessorie. Look at Hollywood, that’s all they seem to wear along with weaves and extensions. You are beautiful and no matter what you decide,
    You’ll look terrific.

  16. You’re very lucky to have a full head of hair and I’m sure there are a lot of men out there who maybe don’t hate you but probably have a bit of hair envy. I don’t know though I’ve seen some bald guys that are so gorgeous it’s criminal and I think these particular guys would look strange with hair. Oh well…so goes my tale of hair woes.

  17. The current title needs to remain of course…nice one. I can’t claim to any knowledge of wigs. Full head of hair. Grateful as many of my male friends can’t say the same and they hate me for it…kidding of course…I think?!!!

  18. Thank you Lynz. I remember that back in the 70s although I don’t think I started wearing them until the 90s. And it was for the reason you stated b/c as a single mom raising 3 boys getting ready for work in the morning was a challenge and wearing a wig made it a little easier timewise.

  19. thanks for sharing Steph! You are gorgeous whichever way you chose! Back in the 70’s wigs were in and my mom had a couple that she wore to work to save time in fixing her hair! I think it can be a cool fashion accessory as you stated!

  20. YUP, you caught me Dina hahaha. I shared the thought with a friend of mine and they just died laughing. Hey I have to laugh to keep from crying. Thank you for the compliment Dina.

  21. We have several wig stores here in Pittsburgh that are quite affordable. I typically go for the synthetic because I can’t afford to invest a lot of money into something that I know I’ll be swapping out for something else down the road anyway. My aunt has the same issue as you and after going back and forth debating on whether or not to do a wig she decided several years ago to give it a go and hasn’t looked back since. I’m not sure if she does natural or synthetic but honestly the synthetic wigs have come a long way from years ago and I love the low maintenance.

  22. Ha! that was a joke… changing you’re title? mmm… if it wasn’t then I would stick with bold. Bold evokes a feeling of strength which which you have a lot of 🙂

  23. I can’t wait to read your next post. I used to have very thick hair, but over the past 20 years the crown has become so thin. I try to style it the best I can, but it is frustrating. I have thought about wigs and hair pieces. Right now I can’t afford them, but we are gradually getting back on our feet financially, and maybe in the near future they will be an option for me, too. 🙂


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