7-Step Recipe To Survive Extreme Cold

“The cold never bothered me anyway.” ~Elsa, Frozen

A parka is awesome in cold weather. This one is an olive, fur-trimmed hooded parka with gold accents. Roomy pockets and faux-leather trim around the pockets and zipper/snaps.
Photo doesn’t do the parka justice b

I sure hope the cold wouldn’t bother Elsa, she is the Snow Queen in Disney’s Frozen after all. Me, I’m the exact opposite.

Since anything lower than 70 degrees is cold to me, I’d never survive arctic-like weather for any amount of time. You’ll never find me gracefully walking up a snow-clad mountain, in nothing more than a gown, cape, and one glove, singing no less.

Take this morning, for example, it was 3 degrees below zero. I was enjoying a steaming cup of coffee while catching up on a few of my favorite blogs when it happened. Mollie, my ride or die a.k.a. furbaby gives me the signal she’s ready for her daily constitutional.

Gray beanie, gray faux-fur lined and trimmed gloves and multi-colored zig zag striped fringed scarfIt Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken But You’ll Be Warm

One thing I dislike most when it’s this cold is preparing for outdoors. It takes too much time to layer up so as to not succumb to the harsh elements. So I’ve created this little recipe to send the cold packing.

  1. Take 1 bandana for the head, tee-shirt, leggings, and knee-high socks
  2. Next, put on a knit beanie hat, sweatshirt, and fleece pants
  3. Then an over-the-head hooded sweatshirt, pull hood over beanie
  4. Follow up with fuzzy shearling lined, lace-up knee-high boots (tuck in fleece pants)
  5. Add faux-fur-trimmed hooded parka
  6. Next, add faux fur-lined gloves
  7. Finally, tie a scarf around hooded parka to cover face then you’re all set

Black faux-fur lined and trimmed lace-up knee-high winter bootsTwenty minutes later, yeah, thank the lord I don’t have to put on makeup, I grab Mollie’s leash, poo bags, and door keys to venture outside. As soon as I opened the door and felt the wintry blast of snowy cold air I swear we were heading into a polar vortex.

Trudging in the snow while Mollie leaps—somewhat sorta like a graceful gazelle—through the snow-laden grass, my mind begins wandering. I think back to the days of my youth when I pretended the cold didn’t bother me. Then suddenly I realize how content I am where I am.

The cold bothers me 

As Mollie digs in the snow for the perfect spot to do her business I remembered how beautifully poised Elsa appeared yet she had a secret. When she sings “Let It Go” this is where she’s comfortable with who she really is.

I begin thinking of some of the things I am not. I am not a queen, or a princess even, I am not a writer, at times I don’t feel like a blogger, I am not an adventurer, singer, dancer, actress, photographer, artist or philosopher.

No, I may not be many of the things I longed to be and as I get older my mind isn’t as sharp as it once was but there’s freedom with age. Having lived more days than what’s left going forward, I can be unapologetically selective, to do what’s best for me instead of following the crowd. Standing up for myself, treasuring my time, and speaking my mind is more important than seeking approval.

I am still a work in progress, learning new things every day and striving for balance instead of perfection. Oh, and before I forget, after 10 minutes or thereabouts Mollie did her thing and I’m safely ensconced in my cozy home.

Have a great weekend and stay warm!!



  1. Our weather has been crazy Peggy. For about a week or so we had sub zero temps then last week it went up to 60 degrees (felt like summer). This week began with tons of snow and once again the freezing temps. It’s enough to make your head spin.

  2. Oh my, your comment stopped me in my tracks. The other day our temperature was 34, but centigrade rather than fahrenheit. A big difference. Stay warm.

  3. Thank you, Diana. I was cracking up imagining myself out in the cold dressed like Elsa singing, it would not be a pretty sight. Today at 34 degrees it’s considerably warmer than it’s been over the past week or so.

  4. My maniac dog can’t wait to go outside. I’ve tried to bribe her into using puppy pads but NO, she insists upon taking me out in this mess. I knew I shoulda got a cat. lol

  5. I hate to say it, but this unusually cold weather is one of the times I’m glad I don’t have a dog anymore. He used to refuse to go out of the door if the weather conditions weren’t just right lol

  6. I love your sense of humor. No, I wouldn’t be out in the cold singing in a gown either. ha ha. And you are COLD out there. Oregon is much milder. Great tips, Steph. And I love your closing about being warm and cozy in your own skin. Nothing better than that. 🙂

  7. George this has got to be one of the sweetest things anyone has ever said to me. I’m always talking about perspective and your comment has given me another I hadn’t thought of as I was writing this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! <3

  8. So many of your thoughts here sound like me. I’m well older and still going, so take heart. More good days are coming your way.
    You are indeed an adventurer. You venture out to places you don’t see. You are a writer with loyal readers. You are a stylist who makes common things look uncommon.
    You are wise. You are becoming secure, comfortable in yourself as a person. You wrote volumes here, and it is a fine work, at that. Blessings.

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