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Plane Pulling For Sight

Plane Pulling For Sight featured image description is in the body of the post.

Plane Pulling For Sight

Partially Sighted Grandmother To Single-Handedly Pull 60 Ton Cargo Plane for Sight

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1. Libby In Training

Wouldn’t this make an amazing headline? It’s true, my friend Libby Thaw founder of the Checkered Eye Project will attempt to pull a 60-ton cargo jet to support the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital.

I knew on Sunday that Libby and Sam, creator of The Blind Life, was taping an episode to air. So I was pleasantly surprised to find out this morning, the YouTube video is live! YAY!!

Seeing “The Checkered Eye & Orbis Plane Pull – The Blind Life” when I opened YouTube this morning made my day.

A Little Background

I met Libby almost 10 years ago after I was declared legally blind. At that time, I was still trying to figure out how I was going to move onward with my life. Back then, I wasn’t nearly ready to use a white cane but thanks to the Checkered Eye I felt safe.

Libby was one of the first partially sighted people I met and she was so full of light, life, and love. We immediately hit it off and I became a Champion for the Checkered Eye. As a matter of fact, I hosted Libby when she helped me fundraise for the Pittsburgh VisionWalk. Watching her advocate in person wherever we went was so encouraging to me.

Libby founded the Checkered Eye to increase awareness of low vision. The Checkered Eye is a wearable symbol to indicate the person wearing it can’t see very well. When you have a second take a listen to I’m Doing Fine Libby’s song about low vision.

3. Checkered Eye Symbols & White Canes

What’s This Plane Pulling Gig About?

As advocates, our work is never done. Libby will be raising money for an extremely great cause while also raising awareness on low vision.

My friend Sam, a huge supporter of Orbis, is promoting Libby’s upcoming phenomenal feat and I wanted to do likewise. Orbis Flying Eye Hospital flies to underdeveloped countries to prevent and cure blinding eye conditions. Libby has to raise $2,500 to enter the Plane Pull Event.

2. Check out that bicep image description is in the body of the post.
2. Check Out That Bicep!

Who: Libby Thaw Representing the Checkered Eye Project & Orbis Flying Eye Hospital

What: Plane Pull For Sight

Where: Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Canada

When: Sunday June 9

Why: A dual purpose:

  1. to raise money and awareness to prevent/cure blindness in undeveloped countries
  2. increase awareness about the Checkered Eye Project and low vision

How Can You Help?: Please donate by clicking this link: Plane Pull For Sight and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE.

Let’s Pull For Libby

For many of us who live in developed countries, we are fortunate to have access to information and medical treatments to prevent blindness. This is not the case in undeveloped nations. There are many areas of the world where even the basics like eyeglasses, white canes, rehabilitation are not available. Orbis and others like them are working to change this.

Right now Libby has reached 25% of her goal of $2,500. Let’s help her exceed this goal. To join her team and/or donate please visit her page at Pulling A Plane To Help Fight Avoidable Blindness!

Check Out Sam | The Blind Life:

Check Out Libby:

Plane Pulling For Sight Featured Image Description:

Libby is dressed in her Checkered Eye gear while practicing to pull a plane. She’s wearing a white tee with a big Checkered Eye symbol on the back and a smaller one on the front. Her tee is paired with black and white checkered pants.

Additional Images:

  1. Libby In Training. In this photo, Libby is doing the massive tire rope pull training to get in shape for the event.
  2. This photo shows Libby flexing an impressive bicep. And of course, she has a Checkered Eye symbol on her shoulder.
  3. Checkered Eye Symbols & White Canes.

Speaking on behalf of Sam, Libby and me, we THANK YOU for whatever support you can give this awesome cause!


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