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This Dazzling Dame Needs A Name

She’s Confident, She’s Unstoppable

This reverse of the original image of the icon has on a black dress, she is carrying her shopping bag in her right hand and has her cane in her left hand.
The Woman on the Move

I’ve received great feedback on my new icon created specifically for my blog and I was thinking, once again, that she needs a name representative of ‘when we focus on abilities anything is possible.’ So once again, I’m reaching out to this community for your suggestions on a name that embraces all that is mentioned in this lovely Facebook post that I just had to share with you:

“I continue to be amazed and inspired by the visually impaired community with whom I’m blessed to know – my kindred spirits!

My newest friend, Stephanae McCoy, invited someone from our creative community to assist in creating a new icon. WOW, together Stephanae & Jennifer Barrile [an artist, illustrator & muralist] reinvented the traditional icon, designing a beautiful image that evokes power, movement, independence, chicness, confidence and success!
“She (the woman on the move) is stepping forward with purpose.” -Stephanae McCoy

I am thrilled by the intentional commitment made to create awareness and help to shift stereotypes, held by society, about blindness.

Thank YOU, Stephanae McCoy & Jennifer!💕”

Thank you Kimberly White for the shout out and to my faithful community please let me know your thoughts on a name for “the woman on the move.” ~Steph


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The Unveiling of a Stylish Icon

A Bold Step Forward

Black and white line drawing. The leaves of the dress are not solid black.Back in October I did a post where I reached out to the creative community in the hopes of finding someone to design an updated white cane icon for use on my blog. I was seeking an image that was more in line with the message of this blog which is anyone can be stylish.

So after I put out feelers for a designer up to the task of creating an updated take on the original white cane icon I connected with Jennifer Barrile. Jennifer was on board from the outset and after a couple of emails were exchanged where I expressed my vision, a few weeks later voilà!!

The two icons Jennifer designed were done in black and white and both are a profile of a chic woman on the move carrying her shopping bag who happens to use a white cane. What I like most about these images are the movement. She (the women on the move) is stepping forward with purpose in her stilettos and her hair is almost floating about her head.

The dress. Well the dress is a vision of individual panels reminiscent of banana leaves that do not touch but appear to overlap. Since the panels gently curve from the icon’s nipped in waist to just above the knee, again you can sense the movement. This woman is on a mission and she knows she’s fabulous even with her white cane.

Jennifer, thank you so much for working on this project with me, it was such a pleasure brainstorming with you on this beautiful design.

Update: It should be noted that this icon was specifically created for Bold Blind Beauty and is not a replacement for the nationally recognized white cane icon.

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Guest Post: Everyday Fitness

The following article written by my guest contributor, Mel Scott of BlindAlive, was originally published on September 30, 2014. This post spoke to me on a very deep level as I’ve been recently struggling with weight gain due largely to atrocious eating habits and inactivity. Mel makes an excellent point that our health should be our #1 priority. Without good health everything else is moot. So today (I’ve actually been thinking about it for a while now), I’m recommitting myself to getting and staying healthy and will once again begin an exercise regimen, this time I’ll be taking it slow. Mel, thank you for the motivation.

Glass of water with ice cubesMy Dad used to say, “I’m just going to tell you like it is.” Of course, his view was from the reference point of someone born in 1910 but he was always straight forward and honest. He was a kind and generous man even though his words were hard to hear at times.

I am going to step outside my comfort zone and “tell you like it is” in relation to getting strong. I believe 9 times out of 10 that people can choose to get more fit than they are currently. It is simply a matter of saying to yourself, “My health is absolutely, without a doubt, the most important part of my day.” It is impossible to serve others with your whole self if you are functioning at low energy yourself. Over the long term, you are not doing anybody in favors by putting yourself aside.

Here is your excuse-free, equipment-free, eyes-free fitness plan! I am telling you exactly “how it is”.

Start your day with a big glass of water. If you say, “I hate water” or “Drinking water first thing in the morning makes me ill”, then I say, Do it anyway and you will learn to love it. Our bodies are made of more water than anything else so love yourself and love your water.

Breathe. Actually breathing before you drink your water is a good idea. While in bed, stretch and breathe into all your whole body. Locate all your bones and muscles and appreciate them. I like to pump my breath in and out fast to get my engines running.
Plant your feet on the ground and stand strong. Smile whether you feel like it or not because you are alive and moving.

Make good use of time. Here are some ideas.

  • Lunges are for brushing teeth.
  • Squats are for before landing on the toilet. I am not kidding!
  • Massaging neck and jaws are for in the shower.
  • Squats are for picking up laundry baskets, children, cases of water. Smile
  • Tricep dips, dancing around the kitchen, marching in place or jogging, are for waiting for food to warm up or cook.
  • Fidget. Make yourself look like a nutcase while waiting in line anywhere. I do it all the time and nobody has ever ostracized me in any way I could detect. Ha ha.
  • Squeeze your butt. If you sit a lot, use the time to tighten your butt and legs.

Isometric exercise is very effective and it keeps your blood moving. Circle your feet under the table. Go ahead, nobody is looking. Watch your posture. Make sure your shoulders are back and down and your back is straight. I have heard it said, “That sitting is the new smoking.” Make yourself get up and move. Go get your water.

I expect by now you get my drift. The key is noticing where and what your body is doing and correct accordingly or reward yourself for taking one step toward a healthier you. I promise, your family, your work relationships, and the people you serve will be better off when you put yourself first. Moving in little ways all day will go a long way to feeling better about yourself and everyone else.

Now I have been sitting way to long. Annabelle and I are going for a walk.

Check out my first eye-free audio described workout for download now: Buy Eyes-Free Fitness Workouts.

Mel Scott Founder and President

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Footwear Fit for a Princess

Glitter Glitz & Glam

What do Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty all have in common? If you thought they were all princesses you would only be half correct. Though I can’t confirm with 100 percent accuracy on Sleeping Beauty’s status, for argument’s sake, and purposes of today’s discussion, let’s agree they all wore heels when they were dressed in their princessy finest.

The gold sequined bodice is sort of a brocade-like design and the flared skirt fabric looks like satin.
Princess for a Day

So the other day during an email exchange with one of my blogger friends, Khaya Ronkainen, we talked briefly about wearing flats with evening attire. While we know that every single woman on the planet does not wear heels, generally speaking, for many fancy soirees we typically see women in heels. So today I wanted to share a few cocktail party/formal combinations featuring pointy toe flats.

This dress is a form-fitting bodycon dress with a boat neckline.
Sizzling Sequins

Our first look that I affectionately refer to as Princess for a Day consists of velvet-looking navy flats with wraparound ankle laces. A regal navy skater dress with gold sequined bodice works nicely with the shoes and gold glittered minaudiere (clutch).

The fabric from the form fitting v-neck bodice and softly draping skirt of this dress is gathered together to create a swirl-like effect at the waist. The skirt also has a slit in front giving it a faux wrap around look.
Silver Red

Black suede flats adorned with gold-embroidered butterfly wings that covers the entire toe (half butterfly on each shoe, when placed together form a complete butterfly) compliment a black long-sleeved, sequined cocktail dress. The clutch is black suede with a tassel zipper, and gold accents including.

This dress is a shift with a crew neckline. The lace along the hemline is scalloped.
Lace Champagne

Silver holographic glittered d’Orsays detailed with a tiny bow atop a mini t-strap are stunning with an elegant long red sleeveless gown. A small pewter hard case clutch encased in silver cutout shell finishes this ensemble.

The rhinestone/jewel embellished blush colored metallic flats with, thin ankle strap, lace champagne cocktail dress and camel colored snake-embossed box clutch make for a pretty neutral combination.

All of these examples demonstrate how you can were flats for dressy occasions. Who says you can’t be stylish, elegant or sexy when wearing ballet flats? With a myriad of colors, styles, textures, buckles, straps, laces, and embellishments from which to choose you can be dressed to the nines.

So there you have it!! With the holidays just around the corner now you have some pretty foot-friendly options that will ensure your comfort without compromising your sophistication.