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On The Grid For 4th Of July

Abby’s Fun Holiday Wardrobe

15 square grid with 3 tops vertically and each of the bottoms are matched with each of the tops and the blazer. For example row 1 tank top, midi skirt, white shorts, blue shorts, blazer; Rows two and three are the same except the tops are different.Bonjour! Welcome once again to Abigail’s Corner. Today let’s have some fun creating several fun holiday outfits. Planning will be considerably easier if you select a color palette that will allow you to mix and match.

To begin building your ensembles you’ll want to think about your main pieces like tops and bottoms, jumpsuits or dresses. For example, I plan to visit relatives over the holiday weekend and including what I travel in I’ll have three tops, three bottoms (1 skirt and 2 pairs of shorts), three pairs of shoes, a jacket, handbag, baseball cap, and sunglasses.

15 square grid with 3 pairs of shoes shown vertically and next to each shoe is the handbag, ball cap, sunglasses and white cane.

In my illustrated example if you think of each of your pieces excluding shoes, bag, and accessories in a grid it would look like this: 3 tops would be lined up vertically. Then you would match up bottoms and/or outerwear to each of the tops giving you a total of up to 12 different outfits. Keep in mind you don’t have to wear the jacket with every outfit this is only an example to show you the different possibilities.

30 square grid with 3 tops (shown twice for 6 total) vertically. Row 1 tank top, denim skirt, blazer, sneakers, handbag; Row 2 off shoulder top, white shorts, sunglasses, nude sandals, ball cap; Row 3 halter top, blue shorts, sunglasses, black sandals, handbag; Row 4 tank top, white shorts, sunglasses, black sandals, ball cap; Row 5 off shoulder top, blue shorts, blazer, nude sandals, handbag, Row 6 halter top, midi skirt, sunglasses, nude sandals, handbag.

Once you begin adding in your shoes, bag, and accessories you can pull off a considerable amount of different looks by playing around with the combinations. In this post, I designed 3 different grids to show you how you can take a limited number of pieces and end up a number of outfits.

What pieces did I use?

  • 1 Black graphic tank with the word “Fierce” (the “i” is a glittering lightning bolt).
  • 1 Blue denim short sleeve off shoulder top with bow details on the sleeves
  • 1 White halter bow top
  • 1 Blue denim midi skirt
  • 1 White pair of cuffed denim shorts
  • 1 Blue pair of denim cutoff shorts
  • 1 Camel blazer
  • 1 White pair of sneakers
  • 1 Nude pair of flat fringed sandals
  • 1 Black pair of chunky heeled sandals
  • 1 White backpack handbag
  • 1 Navy pair of sunglasses
  • 1 White cane

I hope this article is helpful to you. What are your plans for the upcoming holiday?




13 thoughts on “On The Grid For 4th Of July”

  1. It’s so ridiculous most nights I almost feel like crying. I really miss the days of feeling somewhat normal from a body temperature perspective.

  2. And especially if you’re in that “special” season of life where your internal temps can ebb and flow on a dime.😅 Anymore when I go to bed I have two fans going along with extra blankets and then the fights between me, the fans and covers begin. It’s never boring.🤣

  3. It’s really hard when traveling to places like Florida in Feb. You never know if you are going to get hot, warm, cold, rain, sun, or anywhere in between. LOL

  4. Hahaha, I hear you and just between you and me, I used to do the same thing. I packed for all the “what ifs” or “just in case” but as I looked for downsizing alternatives better planning eliminates the over packing dilemma. I hope you have a nice time on the 4th.

  5. Thanks Camie, I’m so glad you like it. To one of my other followers comment when you add colorful jewelry/accessories it will take the outfits to yet another level.

  6. This is another tip I need to take from you. Every time I go somewhere, even if it is just for 3 or 4 days, I look like I have packed for a month. LOL My plans for the 4th? I am ushering at our local Houston Astro’s farm team baseball game (The Greeneville Astro’s). I won’t have to worry about what to wear, since we have uniforms – sort of….yellow shirt provided and then either blue or khaki shorts.

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