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Are those who are ‘legally blind’ able to hold a job? And if so, what fields would you advise them to enter?  

On Being Legally Blind Q&A 

Recently I was interviewed by my friend and fellow blogger Wendy Robinson of Wendy’s Written WordsIt’s so nice to take trips down memory lane to see how far we’ve progressed. Following are a couple of snippets from the post. You can access the entire article here: On Being Legally Blind A Q&A

Are those who are ‘legally blind’ able to hold a job? And if so, what fields would you advise them to enter? 

This is a question I’m deeply passionate about. Yes, people who legally blind or partially-sighted can hold a job, so can people who are totally blind. The idea that people who are partially sighted or totally blind cannot hold a job is a myth. In answer to what fields? I don’t feel qualified to give advice in this area except to say, ‘find your passion and pursue it’. No one is an expert at everything! With the exception of being a driver or pilot, sight or lack of sight has nothing to do with being able to hold a job.

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We cannot simply look at a person and think we know their story. We are complex creatures and there is so much more to us than mere appearance. My desire to change perceptions is why I share what I know, with respect to style, from personal experience.

No doubt you need help to get to appointments, social functions, and gatherings, shopping et al. Do you have designated drivers? How do you feel in losing your independence and having to depend on others?   

As far as independence, I refocused my thinking to what I am able to do vs. what I could do prior to my sight loss. For me, this boils down to choice and I choose not to view myself as dependent. Everyone is skilled or deficient in some manner and I choose to promote my strengths.

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11 thoughts on “On Being Legally Blind

  1. How wonderful to hear this!! Thank you so much for sharing because it’s comments like these that help so many others. Sometimes when people doubt us it can motivate us to prove them wrong and it looks like this is what you are doing. 💖

  2. I’m legally blind and I work at Cinnabon and Coldstone! A lot of people doubted my abilities, but I’m doing pretty well. My vision with correction is 20/200, but I normally don’t correct. I grew up not liking glasses so I just never wore any except for when I’m at the movies. I’m very adapted to my situation.

  3. Thank you!! 💖You know it’s funny because I can look back on some of these things I’ve said and I’m like “I said that?” 🤣

  4. I love that you said ” Everyone is skilled or deficient in some manner and I choose to promote my strengths.” That makes so much sense. You really are an inspiration.

  5. Hi Again Oneta, I’m so sorry I don’t know where my manners have gone off to. I meant to say hello first, then ask you how you were doing before launching into an answer.

  6. The legal requirement measurement is a central visual acuity of 20/200 or less in the better eye. To give you an idea of how it works when my one eye was 20/400 and the other was 20/60 I was not considered legally blind. Even when the sight dwindled further to 20/80 etc. Its been so long I can’t remember what I was able to see as far as the measurements are concerned when I began losing sight. But I was still legally able to drive when I had no central vision in the left eye but this varies depending on state laws. Here in Pennsylvania you can be blind in one eye and still drive.

  7. Steph, a question just from curiosity. How “blind” does one have to be to receive government disability? We have talked before about my work with Services for the Blind. I agree with you that most people would be amazed at the many things one can do without sight if highly motivated to do so.

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