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Odd Man Out An Immersive Experience

The header image shows audience members blindfolded and listening to the play in a darkened room it has text over the photo of audience members that reads: Odd Man Out An Immersive Experience in Complete Darkness.

PitchBlack Immersive Experiences Presents Odd Man Out

Editor’s Note:

Following is the press release for this one of kind theatrical performance.

234 West 44th Street
New York City 10036
FAX 764-0344
October, 2021

PitchBlack Immersive Experiences



A LIVE Immersive Experience in
complete darkness 

Written by Martín Bondone 

Directed by Martín Bondone,
Carlos Armesto, and
Facundo Bogarín  

The Flea Theater
(20 Thomas Street between Broadway and Church Street)  

Limited Engagement
November 3- December 4  

Odd Man Out image shows a few audience members blindfolded and listening to the play in a darkened room.

ODD MAN OUT, (, a LIVE immersive experience in complete darkness, will play The Flea Theater (20 Thomas Street between Broadway and Church Street), it was announced today by producer PITCHBLACK Immersive Experiences. Written by Martín Bondone and directed by Bondone, Carlos Armesto, and Facundo Bogarín, ODD MAN OUT begins performances on November 3 for a limited engagement through December 4. Opening night is set for November 9

ODD MAN OUT is a LIVE immersive audio play in darkness. It begins when “passengers” enter the theater by their flight attendant. Passengers put on their headphones and their blindfolds. From there, the story allows listeners to immerse themselves in the tale of Alberto, a blind  musician flying home from New York to Buenos Aires, Argentina after decades of self-exile. As  listeners enter Alberto’s story of love, prejudice and fears that were left behind, they experience a 360-surround sound, multisensory “journey.”

Because passengers are blindfolded through the entire duration of the flight, the action can be experienced by way of auditory stimulation, tactile objects and enriched smells. Passengers will even feel weather happening around them.

This experience engages and awakens the senses, tests limits, and ultimately uses the darkness to bring the audience to a new light. 

Earlier this year and due to the pandemic, ODD MAN OUT was presented as an at-home immersive theatrical sensory box experience where people were sent a box to their home with all of  the items required to experience the audio play. 

Of the box experience, Theatermania raved, “A Story that is both relatable and specific, powerfully conveyed by top notch voice acting. Quality theater delivered to you” and Global Press Journal cheered, ”In addition to creating jobs for blind musicians, actors and sound technicians, this show raises awareness of the experience of blindness”.  

ODD MAN OUT began at Teatro Ciego in Argentina, which has a 15-year history of creating live  experiences in complete darkness. The theater company employs artists and technicians with visual disabilities in all their work. Forty percent of staff and creative teams are made up of blind and low-vision individuals.  

A portion of the proceeds from the ODD MAN OUT will go to Visions (, which provides services for the blind and visually impaired.  

Image shows a few audience members blindfolded and listening to the play in a darkened room.

The cast of ODD MAN OUT features Ignacio Borderes, Carmen Boria, Alejandra Buljevich,  Carla Costabile, Modesto Lacen, Andrés Montejo, Victoria Raigorodsky, Aksel Tang, and Gonzalo Trigueros.

ODD MAN OUT features original music, arrangements, and music direction by Mirko Mescia, sound design by Nicolás Alvarez, and dramaturgy by Carlos Armesto and Aksel Tang. NY producers are Carlos Armesto, Lola Lopez Guardone (lead producer), and Malcolm Marchand Heather Klein (associate producers). Lucila Brindisi is director of communications and the disability consultant is Allie Gorrie

ODD MAN OUT premiered at Teatro Ciego in October 2019 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Performed by six actors entirely in the dark, ODD MAN OUT relied on binaural immersive sound  design, a delicate choreography and the innovative use of smell and touch to create the landscape of its world and characters with a cast composed of majority artists that have either partial or complete vision loss.  

Following the Spanish production in Argentina, Teatro Ciego partnered with theatreC to premiere ODD MAN OUT in the U.S. in February, 2020 at an English-Language workshop presentation. The cast of American actors rehearsed in Argentina and presented excerpts from the play at the American Embassy in preparation for a New York Production.

“We are thrilled to bring ODD MAN OUT to the Flea Theater in this exciting and innovative production,” said Carlos Armesto. “As the theater and artistic communities reemerge in New York, we look forward to welcoming back audiences as they fly with Alberto on PITCHBLACK Airlines from New York to Buenos Aires. After the last 18 months, we know audiences need a vacation.” 

Tickets for the ODD MAN OUT LIVE immersive experience are $50 with “First Class” VIP seating available for $90. ODD MAN OUT plays at The Flea Theater Tuesday – Friday at 7PM and 9PM and Saturday and Sunday at 3PM, 7PM, and 9PM. There will be an additional performance on Monday, November 8 at 7PM.

Early bird purchasing is available until October 20 for $35 and all tickets for preview performances from November 3 – 8 are $35. Senior and Student tickets are available for $35 and patrons must present supporting ID. All passengers must present proof of vaccination upon arrival. First class passengers receive a VIP reception with refreshments and show inspired or d’oeuvres, advanced entrance to the space (premiere boarding), and a Souvenir box. 

For tickets and information, please visit: 

PITCHBLACK Immersive Experiences is a U.S. endeavor born of a partnership between U.S. theatreC (Carlos Armesto, lead producer) and Teatro Ciego of Argentina. PITCHBLACK is dedicated to creating theatrical experiences in complete darkness. A PITCHBLACK theatrical experience may be with others in a crowded room with performers around you, or it may be alone  in the comfort of your home. But it will always be in darkness.  

The partners of ODD MAN OUT include: theatreC, Repertorio Español, Firmenich, El Gauchito,  Guayaki, The Grange, and Go Broadway.  

COVID 19 Policy  

In order for audience members and front of house staff to stay safe, ODD MAN OUT has adopted the following COVID-19 protocols:  

  • The performance has socially distanced seating. 
  • Masks will be required at all times. 
  • Headphones and seats will be sanitized before each performance.  
  • Staff will work to ensure a 3 feet distance between the audience members before, during, and after the show.  
  • Every audience and staff member will have his temperature taken and his hands sprayed with alcohol sanitizer diluted in water upon arrival.

Guests must show proof of vaccination at their time of entry into the theatre with their valid ticket (they  need to be fully vaccinated with an FDA or WHO authorized vaccine. “Fully vaccinated” means the  performance date you are attending must be:  

  • at least 14 days after your second dose of an FDA or WHO authorized two dose COVID-19  vaccine  


  •  at least 14 days after your single dose of an FDA or WHO authorized single dose vaccine.

Guests who need reasonable accommodations due to a medical condition or religious belief must  provide proof of at least one of the following:  

  • negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours of the performance start time, or  
  • negative COVID-19 antigen test taken within 6 hours of the performance start time.  

Guests can present proof via an official governmental mobile app or website containing vaccination or  testing information, or a photo or physical copy of a vaccination card or test result. New York State  residents, or anyone who received a COVID-19 vaccine, or was administered a COVID-19 test, in  New York State may present proof through the use of the Excelsior Pass (for more details, visit: . In addition to providing proof of vaccination (or negative test result, as applicable) in accordance with these protocols, all guests must present a government-issued photo ID such as a  driver’s license or passport (guests younger than 18 may present a school photo ID).

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Image Descriptions:

  • The images in this article show audience members blindfolded and listening to the play in a darkened room.
  • The header image has text over the photo of audience members that reads: Odd Man Out An Immersive Experience in Complete Darkness.

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