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Mug In A Box

A New Twist On A Message In A Bottle

I'm standing on the platform overlooking Pittsburgh holding a mug that says "My Friend Is Bold Blind & Beautiful". In the background is PPG Place sometimes referred to as the glass castle.

Mug says “My Friend Is Bold Blind & Beautiful” PPG Place is in the background

I’m so ridiculously excited I don’t know what to do with myself. Finally, and I’m ashamed to admit for the first time ever, I went to Mt. Washington to experience one of the most scenic views of Pittsburgh.

Since this was my first time visiting this location in person I couldn’t get over how high we were. As we approached the platform I felt a little light headed but soldiered onward because I was on a mission!

While atop Grandview Lookout my son took pictures of me holding an Abigail Style mug which features Abigail, the white cane icon and mascot of Bold Blind Beauty. These pictures represent the beginning of Abigail’s journey around the world to spread her message of changing perceptions while encouraging unity.

Mug is sitting on top of the box in which it will be shipped.

Here’s the Box!

Clickable live map that shows the Mt. Washington location and website

Clickable live map that shows the Mt. Washington location and website

#AbbyOnTheMove Hashtag Campaign

Sending Abby on a worldwide trip is exciting for several reasons:

  • It’ll be a blast to change perceptions and encourage unity with a hashtag
  • Anyone can join the fun! All you need is a phone & social media accts.
  • Any Abigail Style products can be used to take photos the world over
I'm standing with my white cane, holding the mug with Point State Park fountain (Golden Triangle) in the background

Point State Park fountain (Golden Triangle) is in the background

The campaign is kicking off with a mug being sent from one person to another. Abby will be leaving Pittsburgh headed to New York and then who knows? Each person who receives the mug or purchases product from Abigail Style will forward the following four bullet points to the next person:

  • Put yourself on the map with Abby on the Move & support Abilities!
  • Take a selfie with Abby’s traveling mug and post it on social media with the hashtag #AbbyOnTheMove.
  • After you post your mug selfie, tag (#BoldBlindBeauty) and they’ll pin Abby’s whereabouts on the map!!
  • Let’s see how far around the world we can get, because together we are breaking down barriers and revealing common ground!

The best part of this whole shebang is the live map. Yes, you heard right, a live map will be pinned to the top of Bold Blind Beauty’s Facebook page so you can track Abby’s movements. Isn’t that the coolest thing?

Okay it’s back to work for me. Have a nice weekend everyone!!! ~Steph


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