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Monthly Beauties | Marissa Farmer

Marissa Farmer Header image is described in the body of the post.


Beyond Sight Magazine Cover featuring Marissa Farmer is described in the body of the post.

Meet The Faces of Bold Blind Beautiful & Accomplished Women

Representation Matters! Bold Blind Beauty believes that “Real Beauty Transcends Barriers” and today’s cover model, Marissa Farmer, is breaking barriers with her YouTube channel. A legally blind YouTuber, Marissa is killing it with her empowering messages designed to uplift others who are struggling with sight loss. Below, Marissa offers some insight into negative perceptions. When you have a moment, be sure to check out her YouTube Channel: Beautifully Blind.

My disability has nothing to do with my ability. I am not afraid of the things I can’t see, I’m afraid of people not seeing my potential.

~Marissa Farmer

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Image Descriptions:

  • Header – A breathtaking black & white outdoor photo of Marissa a dark-haired beauty with her head tilted to the side. She’s wearing an A-line sundress and trees provide a nice backdrop.
  • Beyond Sight Magazine Cover – The same photo from the header is also on the cover. The masthead is teal with “Beyond Sight Magazine” in black text. The dot on the ‘i’ in ‘sight’ is the eye used for our 2020 Year of Vision Campaign (described HERE). There are 3 lines of text that say “Another Bold Beauty.” In the bottom right corner is a teal circle with an illustration of Abby rollerblading. She has on a black crop tank top complete with her logo on the front with black shorts, and gray & teal roller blades. And of course, Abby wouldn’t be Abby without her signature explosive hairstyle, and “Women On The Move” is yellow text under the circle.
  • A gallery of 4 photos of Marissa. Clockwise from top left 1) Marissa is taking a mirror selfie while wearing a Coke sweater. 2) In this photo Marissa is walking with her white cane wearing a gray sweater and black shorts text overlay says “Love who you are.” 3) Marissa is wearing a black sweater with a red bow accent. 4) A yellow-filtered selfie of Marissa in a car. The contrast of her long dark hair makes her light eyes almost look like they are glowing.
Cover Credit:

Daniel Lubiner


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