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Mom Approved: Elegantly Shabby In Jeans & Pearls

Trio of pictures (two of me posing standing and the middle I'm in a seated position on one of my barstools). When mom is in a foul mood I need all the courage I can muster. A killer outfit helps.

A Mom Visit Takes A Little Courage

For several straight days recently my mom was in one ornery mood. I gauge this discomfort by how much my stomach churns when I hear her name announced as my cell phone rings.

Mental note: Buy a pallet full of antacids.

Here's my "give me strength to face mom outfit" images of me sitting cross legged on a bar stool and one standing pose.

I know I’m being ridiculous because my mom’s a 78-year-old lady for crying out loud. And me, well (say this with a little attitude) I’m a grown woman! Intellectually I’m aware of these facts but emotionally when she leaves me a voicemail I cringe and cry. Then I create a flowchart to decide what would happen if I listen or don’t listen to the message.

It’s during these emotionally charged situations that I have to arm myself against the inevitable tongue lashings. So on this particular day, I armed myself in a mesh cream-colored sweater with gold metallic threads. A separate yet coordinating loop-knot vest was a fabulous match. I finished this look with black suede knee-high boots and a long strand of faux pearls.

There is some truth to the quote “Never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day.” When I visit my mom I never know what to expect and can use every bit of courage I can garner from my outfit. On this day I was cool as a cucumber.


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