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Mix and Re-Mix

Baby It’s Pretty Doggone Cold Outside

Outfit #1 - (Tri-photo collage) Black dress with gray boots

Outfit #1 – Black dress with gray boots

The one thing I like about the cold is my portable heater because I’m so budget-conscious (code for cheap) I refuse to turn up my furnace. Why, you might ask? It’s simple, the home owner’s association at the condos where I live allot a percentage towards our gas each month and depending upon individual unit’s usage, at the end of winter you either have to pay or get a refund. So for me this is like a game to see how much I can earn by using as little heat as possible – genius, I know right?

So here I sit at my computer with my trusty heater only a few feet from me as it’s a chilly 7 degrees outside with a wind chill factor of minus 5 brrrrr. To add insult to injury we had our first snow accumulation of the season yesterday and of course when I take Mollie out instead of just doing her business so that we can get out of the blustery cold, what does she do? She begins frolicking in the snow like a little kid. Dogs!! You gotta love ’em but in this kind of weather I. Was. Not. Amused!!

Having lived in Pittsburgh most of my life one would think I’d be used to nippy winters but what I’m finding out as I age, is I’m much more sensitive to the cold, not that I wasn’t sensitive to it when I was younger but you can probably catch my drift. I’ve always admired fashion enthusiasts who look fabulous even in harsh wintry conditions because this sister can’t, and never could do it!!

Outfit #2 - (Tri-photo collage) Black pants and black shoes

Outfit #2 – Black pants and black shoes

My favorite line when it’s gotten ridiculously cold is “it’s too cold to be cute” and you could find me, or maybe not because I’m so well covered, bundled up like an Eskimo. To demonstrate how serious I am about this particular topic, I’m not comfortable unless outside temps are 75 plus degrees. Anything less than this is chilly and requires outerwear.

If you recall I recently did a post, A Day at the Mall, where I shared my disdain for spending money and the focus of looking nice on a fixed income. One of the items detailed in the post, a gray microfleece sweatshirt, will be the feature subject today.

Working With What You Have

When you are on a fixed income you don’t have the luxury of being able to wear something new every day. Notice how I said “something new”? It’s easy to dress well when you have great resources however it takes some ingenuity to be able to pull off a different outfit with limited means but it can be done simply by working with what you already have. Case in point, the photos included with this article are three different looks with the same sweatshirt.

Outfit #3 - (Tri-photo collage) Gray skirt with black ankle boots

Outfit #3 – Gray skirt with black ankle boots

How Did I Do It?

  • Outfit #1 – Sweatshirt is worn over a plain black sheath dress with a black obi (sash) belt tied at the waist, black patterned tights, gray ankle boots, earrings and bracelet. In one of the photos I’m also wearing a very old faux fur vest that I refuse to part with.
  • Outfit #2 – Sweatshirt, black dress pants, black oxford heels (very old), black oblong scarf draped front to back of neck hanging down the back, long black/silver fringed pendent necklace, black stretch bracelet, silver dangling earrings.
  • Outfit #3 – Sweatshirt with black obi belt tied at the waist paired with gray skirt, black patterned tights, black ankle boots, short silver statement necklace, bracelet and earrings.

The things that made each of these outfits unique was the use different bottoms, assorted accessories and footwear. No obi or any kind of wide belt? No problem, as you can substitute an oblong scarf or even a long necklace in place of a belt. Sweatshirts are not just for jeans.

Have a wonderful day! ~Steph


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