Mindfully Battling The Cold While Looking Chic

Facing Right 2


Editor’s Note:

Today’s post is a two-fold fashion and mindfulness article. Since I’ve been practicing mindfulness it makes sense to me to incorporate messages related to it whenever possible.

I Don’t Do Cold

Facing right image is described in the body of the post.
Facing Right

It seems a little odd that someone from Pittsburgh would say “I don’t do cold” but seriously I can’t. One would think someone from this area of the country would be used to our arctic-like winters. But not me, nope. Nah uh! As a matter of fact, my gauge for cold is anything under 75 degrees. Could it be that my skin has gotten thinner with age? Or is it a matter of I’ve reached the point where looking cute when it’s cold is no longer a priority? We may never know the answers to these questions but I finally traded in my old parka for a new one that I adore.

I’ve had many different winter coats in my lifetime but I honestly can’t remember having a parka until a few years ago. Part of my reasoning I think was a mindset that parkas didn’t fit within my definition of chic. To give you a little insight my previous fashion sense dictated a strict protocol of dress pants, skirts, dresses and ALWAYS heels. Thankfully as I’ve gotten older and hopefully a little wiser I’ve also expanded my viewpoints even within my sense of style.

The Parka Casual/Chic Look

The warmest coat I’ve ever owned believe it or not I got from Costco eons ago. It was an ankle-length suede coat lined with faux fur and I gotta tell ya if coats had a soul this one was my true soulmate. But sadly that coat expired to be replaced with newer models. However, this post isn’t about coats gone by, nay, it’s about the parka and it’s cool features.

Facing forward image is described in the body of the post.
Facing Forward

In the featured and two additional photos, I’m standing outside with my white cane. I’m wearing jeans, brown hiking boots, brown gloves, and my army green parka. Even with this casual gear on I felt so darn fabulous could it be because I was actually comfortable in the cold? Who knows? But I want to take a moment to run through some of the features of this coat with you.

  • First, it’s army green!
  • It has metal hardware (silver zipper, snaps, drawstring tips)
  • Sherpa lining
  • Removable faux fur trim on the hood
  • 2 chest pockets
  • 2 fleece-lined waist zip pockets 
  • Cinch waist
  • Ribbed knit cuffs
  • Water-resistant
  • Mid-length & cute detail in the rear hem

Though my previous parka was the same color, length, and basic style as this one it wasn’t as warm as the new jacket. But it had gold metal hardware and faux leather trim accenting the zipper and pockets. Also, the hood was trimmed with faux fur but it wasn’t detachable and cuffs were not ribbed. Ribbed cuffs may seem like minor details but they are an absolute necessity for someone who requires significant warmth.

Way before I began blogging I’ve always maintained that real beauty isn’t so much about appearance as it is about substance. In my opinion, beauty without character is meaningless. There’s nothing more empowering than real beauty that doesn’t rely on outer appearance.

Being Grounded In Mindfulness

Mindfulness isn’t a passing fancy. It isn’t something we do now then continue with our day. Being mindful requires us to be present, to be aware. Our frenzied pace worries me.

In an age of unbelievable gadgets, apps, and technology, I think we can be easily fooled into believing we can be everywhere and do everything at once. Sure, we can appear to do more but are we really? How efficient are we when our attention is so divided among the many distractions we’re constantly exposed to?

A good friend of mine recently said this to me: “I love how you can make yourself focus in on things and ignore the shiny objects until they fit your schedule.” Ignoring the shiny objects has become a serious practice in my self-care. Setting up boundaries, saying no, and religiously guarding my time is essential. I’ve realized I do not HAVE to do, NOR do I want to be good at EVERYTHING. Doing the best I can with what I have is enough.

It’s taken me a lifetime to reject other’s definition of who I am and to finally be content with myself, imperfections and all. I’m not perfect, never claimed to be but I know this for sure, I’m finally on the right track and really always was I just doubted myself. Getting back to basics and basking in simplicity brings me so much joy.

All of us feel a little lost from time to time and I think the pressure to be “in the know” and “on 24/7/365” is too much for us. The good news is our minds are unmatched simply because we have the power of CHOICE. If you’re feeling overwhelmed take an inventory of your life and whittle down what isn’t serving you any longer.

Image Descriptions:

  • Featured photo – I’m standing outside with my white cane. I’m wearing jeans, brown hiking boots, brown gloves, and my army green parka. My face is turned up to the sky facing left.
  • 2 Additional photos – In these pictures I’m in the same outfit just posing facing forward and facing right.
  • Gallery of 8 photos detailing the bulleted features listed.

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👩🏾‍🦯 | INTJ | HSP | Collector of knowledge | Alpaca Fanatic “If I stop to kick every barking dog, I am not going to get where I'm going.” ~Jackie Joyner-Kersee Hi, I'm Steph! I'm a highly sensitive proud introvert and a recovering people-pleaser. These traits or quirks used to bother me because I always felt out of place until I began a recent process of self-acceptance. While I'm still a work in progress, I view my quirks as my superpowers and am grateful that they contribute to who I am today.

42 thoughts on “Mindfully Battling The Cold While Looking Chic

  1. Yup! You just never know! How many times have I let go of something that I haven’t used in years, and soon wished that I still had it! But usually, I’m glad to hope that someone else is glad to have it.

    Cross country skiing can be relaxing if you stay on open, level ground. Hills are the challenge. Snow shoeing is easier on groomed trails, if you want less taxing exercise.

    I’m enjoying the sun’s reflection off our (early) clean white snow.

  2. Hey Grace, thank you so much for the lovely compliment. I’ve heard Hashimoto’s can be a tough diagnosis to live with as it seems it affects every part of the body. I was just telling a friend of mine that I’d like to try cross country skiing but I’m pretty sure I heard it’s taxing. Is snow shoeing about the same? Maybe this might be a possibility and one I can add to my bucket list.

    Wool leggings and chunky sweaters sound divine. I had a couple pair of fleece lined leggings that I loved during those extremely cold days.

    I can still literally get distracted by bright shiny things especially if we’re talking anything bling related😆 however since I’m so serious about not collecting anymore stuff unless it’s needed, I just gaze at the sparkle. Don’t even get me started on minutia. I’ve recently learned that introverts are collectors of information and while I do tend to do this I’m even working to keep only what’s necessary. This will always be a work in progress because I love my details because “you just never know.”

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.🤗

  3. I call your new look “snow bunny”. Very cute AND rugged! You make army green look so good, I didn’t even notice that it was army green! The sherpa lining looks luxurious and cozy!

    I was having an increasingly difficult time with the cold until I started treating my Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. I’m finding that I can maintain my body heat much better. Still, I live in wool leggings and chunky sweaters. I took a warm-blooded friend cross country skiing once, and she exclaimed that it was the first time that she had ever been warm in winter. You might want to try snow shoeing?

    Like you, I’ve been meditating. I felt like i was in the flow just now when I looked out the window and thoroughly enjoyed the subtle yellows and blues of the sunset. It soaked right into my cells. Ahhhhh! I’m glad to be clearing out what isn’t serving me any longer.

    My dear sweetheart laughs at me when I’m so often distracted by “bright shiny things”. I’m learning to focus better, and for shorter periods of time. I used to zero in on things, and get stuck in minutia.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts…

  4. Not sure if this was answered, Stephanae. I just released I had been spelling your name wrong. Apologies! I too think YOU are incredible!! Your outlook on life is truly precious! (((HUGS))) xo

  5. OK. Are you following me? If you are, unfollow me, then refollow and when I see that, I then know how to follow you through WP. That’s the only way I know of to do this.

  6. I just responded to your other message. What I’ll do is reach out to a Happiness Engineer and ask them if this is possible. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  7. That’s an excellent question that I’m not sure of because I subscribe to the Business Plan. By the way I only follow blogs via WP notifications as well because I need simplification and cutting down on emails was one of the first things I did.

  8. Ditto. I admire you and how you live your life. I don’t know if you got my other comment, but is there a way I can follow you through WP notifications? I THINK I am following you, but now not too sure.

  9. I need a coat like that! Seriously! I am so bundled up with scarves and what not with my winter coat! I’m with you, Stephanie. As I get older, I no longer seem able to handle the cold. Yes my skin has gotten thinner.
    I absolutely LOVE the way you think and live your life. You are incredible! I applaud you for I know the work that is needed in order to develop an attitude such as yours. You go!! xoxoxo

  10. I like LinkedIn but don’t really use it nearly as much as I should. It’s such a great platform for having real engaging conversation and making some great connections.

  11. So glad you got the right celery/onion mix and the lady helped you. Despite the crazy parking guy, I bonded with one of the harassed staff at Trader Joe and an old acquaintance unburdened herself about her father’s vascular dementia. I could see shoppers being exasperated about her talking and blocking the frozen food aisle but they could also see it was an important conversation. Completely understand about Facebook – I kept my account open for years for my blog/book. LinkedIn has been much better for me.

  12. My legs are cold, my feet are hot, and the light is too bright. The middle is good!
    In the cold my spasticity increases to the point of pain. Florida is cold enough! 🌴

  13. Oh HELL NO!!🤣 I know from our previous conversations, there’s absolutely no way I’d survive Finnish winter weather. And I think I can safely say I will NEVER visit Finland in the winter. I don’t envy you🤗

  14. I so wish I could cancel Facebook but I do have some great connections on the platform as well as a page and group so for now it stays. My son took me to the grocery store early this afternoon for some chopped celery and onion mix. I was devastated to find all kinds of green pepper mixes, and everything except for what I wanted. Since I wasn’t the only one who was upset about this (another lady and I were exchanging our shared stories of disgust). Then my son and I went looking for something else and here the lady I was talking with chased us down because she found a container of the mix I wanted and she brought it to me. How cool is that? I was so over the moon that she would go to that trouble and it reminded me that not everyone is as uncaring as it might seem. Sorry to hear about your Trader Joe’s incident unfortunately some of them do walk among us. 🤗

  15. Great post about mindfulness, Steph. Also you look stunning and comfortable in your parka jacket. And you’ve guessed it, one wouldn’t survive Finnish winter without a parka or heavy-duty winter coat, thermal clothing and snow boots, among other things. Welcome to my winter world! 😀

  16. Having just taken a box of presents from last year to Goodwill, I completely understand. Life has changed so much from when we were young. Most of us really needed the presents of sweaters, robes etc. but now we struggle to find a gift for people to enjoy. I cancelled my Facebook account and now just communicate by email and WordPress. I saw someone behave like a jackass while parking in Trader Joe yesterday – it’s THANKSGIVING!!!! A time for kindness and gratefulness. Sending love K x

  17. Thanks George! The only time I ‘liked’ if you can call it that, the cold, was when I was busy trying to impress others back in the day. Today, like you, I’m not one of those who will ever get used to the cold and will break out a wrap in a heartbeat.

  18. It’s a pleasure to meet you Chris! My name is Stephanae aka Steph aka Bold Blind Beauty. It’s such a joy to meet people on WordPress. Out of all social media platforms I feel like the conversations and connections made here are so valuable.

  19. You look great, being confident and comfortable. I think there are people who get used to the cold and actually like it. I’m not one of them. A nice coat is not a luxury. Rock on!

  20. My pleasure. I enjoy coming across new blogs through other blogs I follow. Thank you for stopping by, reading and commenting. Have a fabulous Wednesday! ~Steph

  21. A woman after my own heart, we share many things in common. While I feel like mindfulness is a new thing for me if I’m honest it began with the holidays where I took a stand and said “no more.” This might sound harsh but I’ve told friends and family to not buy me anything and I would do likewise. Focusing on spending time with them vs. all the worry about what to give to whom and then later finances is wonderful. Last year though I had to take the last two weeks in December off and I’m going to do this in a limited capacity going forward. Social media nearly pushed me over the edge which is why I spend more time here on WP than trying to keep up on social media.

  22. I had a parka just like that when I lived in Scotland. Didn’t rock it as well as you do, though… I would rather have 100 degrees over 30, any day. I keep all my Scottish cold coats just in case. Your message about mindfulness is very timely for me. I am struggling to keep my anxiety about the Holidays under control.

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