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Melbourne’s Marvelous Mentor Maribel

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Editor’s Note:

One of the best perks of managing a blog is the relationships that blossom. The woman you are about to meet today is a beautiful person and one of my favorite people. Maribel Steel has been featured on Bold Blind Beauty a few times and my all-time favorite post “8 Threads to Weave into the Garment of Change” offers deep insight into positively living with a disability.

While I’ve never met Maribel in person we’ve developed a strong bond that spans distance. So when she asked me to share the following with my network there was no question that I’d do this for her.

Melbourne Writers Hub Featuring Maribel Steel

Mentoring Writers and Speakers on their Creative Journeys

Maribel Steel is a freelance writer, an award-winning memoirist, and a public speaker. She is the author of two books including ‘Blindness for Beginners’. She has appeared on national radio, podcasts, blogs, Sydney TV, and, more recently, on RNIB Read On Book Show (UK). Her short stories have won awards and she has over 200 stories published online and in print journals and anthologies. During COVID-19, she is helping young writers to create stories via email called ‘Piggyback Writing’. Maribel believes that storytelling, whether you are writing a short story or preparing an engaging speech, share 7 essential elements – to learn more, you can contact Maribel


Maribel’s Writer-Mentor Service 

Maribel’s expertise is in mentoring writers of nonfiction, memoir, and short stories to:

  • get past that writing block with a variety of engaging writing exercises
  • gain skills in writing from a sensory perspective
  • polish articles for journals and writing contests
  • develop a strategic approach to PR and media kits
  • gain vital knowledge as your ‘blindness consultant’ when writing believable characters with vision loss 

Maribel’s Public Speaker-Mentor Service As an award-winning speaker, Maribel works with presenters and new Toastmasters to: 

  • learn easy techniques to face an audience with confidence
  • Organise a speech without using notes during the presentation
  • develop ways to engage a variety of audiences
  • build humour into a presentation and entertaining speech
  • craft a PowerPoint to wow your audience.

Maribel is the author of:

Why Work With Maribel?

‘An amazing, inspiring writer and thinker who has reminded me I am on the right path.’

Sarah Martin – Poet

Image Description:

Closeup of Maribel smiling for the camera, in black crew neck top and multi-colored beaded necklace, her long hair cascading over her shoulders while she stands in front of a painting of Monet’s waterlillies.


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