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Meet Your Root Chakra

Ceramic bowl of red jasper with waxflowers

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Meet Your Root Chakra

Your root chakra is at the bottom of your spine. This energy is what grounds you to Mother Earth. It is all about your family or tribe. Who do you belong to and what is your ancestry? If you do not feel safe and secure then you need to open your root chakra. Your birthright is to be and to have while you are fighting its demon of fear.

Meet Your Root Chakra: A small plant growing from heart-shaped soil
A small plant growing from heart shaped soil.

Do you like to escape into your own world, want to avoid and living paycheck to paycheck? This means your root chakra energy source is underactive. On the other hand, if you are emotionally eating, compensating by overdoing, and are resistant to change, then your root chakra is overactive.

  • Challenge yourself to change your fear into an Experience as a heightened energy life force; feel the sensation of it; let it motivate you instead of holding you back. 

Try this meditation

Imagine a red glowing ball at the base of your spine. Stand with feet on the ground and push all your energy into the ground to get centered. Begin a dialogue with your body and listen to its response:

  • Are you tired? 
  • What is it saying? 
  • What has your body become to you? 
  • How do you nourish your body?
Senior people meditating in prayer position while standing
Standing meditation

Remember earth is a living body and you are a cell in it; one of mother earth’s children. Your primal self is a testing ground for truth so plant your roots deep into Mother Earth. This grounding makes you humble and you can live simply. The physical world is a trap if only you see it that way; become a friend to yourself and Mother Earth and see the bigger collective picture of the universe.

Plant your energy roots while working on healing your ancestry. For more information, please contact me at

Increase your vitality by bringing your consciousness into your physical body.

Your body is home/temple for your spirit and container of your soul; heal your body and validate it and love it.

Connecting with Teresa:

Author Bio:

A headshot of Teresa Gregg who is smiling while her long brunette hair cascading over the shoulders of her hunter green top.
Teresa Gregg

Teresa Gregg, Lumine Your Way CEO/Founder

My name is Teresa Gregg. I am a mom of two adult children and a grandma of four grandchildren. 

I was born with congenital glaucoma and uveitis. In 1993 I had my left eye removed due to glaucoma and in 2013 my right eye also. After that surgery I fell into depression then eventually became tired of living in victim mode. 

I am a Certified Transformational Life Coach with the certifications to assess/debrief with the Energy Leadership Index and Emotional Intelligence 2.0. In 2017 I won the Hadley School for the Blind Forsythe Center for Employment and Entrepreneurship Program Grant to start my own coaching practice.

It is my vision to offer endless positive possibilities for a heart-centered energetic passion-driven lifestyle. Working with families who have children with disabilities and being a liaison between the family and their IEP team is rewarding. Partnering with schools for the blind in workshops regarding social interactions, recreation and leisure, self-advocacy, self-determination, Human Growth Development, and Sexual Education is a passion for me. Helping others understand their sexuality and social and emotional skill sets is the best gift I can offer those with a visual impairment.

Image Descriptions:

  • The header image is a ceramic bowl of red jasper with waxflowers.
  • A small plant growing from heart-shaped soil.
  • 4 senior people meditating in prayer position while standing.
  • Author’s bio photo: A headshot of Teresa Gregg who is smiling while her long brunette hair cascading over the shoulders of her hunter green top.



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