Mainstream Assimilation In Education Lights the Way

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Doreen never lets the perception of others prevent her from living a rich, fulfilling, and productive life.

~Bold Blind Beauty

Mainstream Assimilation In Education Lights the Way

Mainstream Assimilation in Education image description: Colored alphabet braille blocks used for learning braille.
Colored Alphabet Braille-Blocks

One of the best things about advocacy is highlighting the work of fellow blind and visually impaired (B&VI) persons. This work is critical in the mainstream representation of B&VI persons.

Sharing stories through Women On The Move, Blind Beauty, and Cane Enabled shifts the focus from disability to ability. Mass media portrayal of blind people performing extraordinary accomplishments are remarkable, yet we cannot dismiss the importance of advocacy. Advocacy with more representation of B&VI people will promote opportunities and light the way for others.

Recently, a good friend of mine introduced me to Doreen Lundgren – an advocate and Woman On The Move. Doreen, a newly elected President of ACBW (American Council of the Blind – Wisconsin), is a Milwaukee-based adaptive technology specialist. As a multi-talented, person, she is an educator, singer, and certified expert in Unified English Braille Code or UEB. Also a voice-over artist, Doreen creates live sound effects with her voice.

The Introduction

Three qualities I noticed on my initial call with Doreen was her wicked sense of humor, candidness, and sense of adventure. At four years of age, she developed a love for downhill skiing which she continued into her adulthood. In answering my question what was the most daring thing she’d ever done? – skydiving topped the list.

Doreen was born totally blind to parents who are blind. She is one of four siblings. People are amazed at how well Doreen functions in a sighted world, not realizing for her, blindness is her normal. What makes her outstanding is her natural singing talent, intelligence, and her wide variety of interests. The most unique one was learning that she’s an old-time radio enthusiast. She listens passionately to “ Old Time Radio Drama ” on Wisconsin Public Radio, “The WGN Radio Theater,” and “When Radio Was” on WBBM, both out of Chicago. Recently she attended an old-time radio conference in Chicago.

Teachers engage attentively with presenters Carla & Doreen Lundgren in early literacy methods class
Teachers engage attentively with presenters in an early literacy methods class

Advocacy Blossoms From Thirst For Knowledge

Doreen, who attended Pius XI Catholic High School, advocates for the assimilation of B&VI persons into mainstream education. Her passion for history, math, and English evolved at Pius, which led to her interest in the theater and music worlds.

Possessing a wide vocal range, Doreen is a talented singer. She performs as a soprano and an alto in a variety of a cappella, choral, classical, and popular music ensembles. And, if you need to know anything about the 80’s rock band, Queen, she is an authentic ‘Queeniac’ and the unofficial world authority on everything Queen!

Doreen studied computer technology at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) where she became a skilled computer professional with a particular focus on assistive technology. A sports fanatic, her active participation in cheerleading, swimming, baseball, and basketball, developed her enthusiastic love for, and encyclopedic knowledge of professional sports.

Sharing Her Voice With Bold Blind Beauty

Since Doreen is a voice-over artist, we thought it would be cool for her to breathe life into Abby. Abby aka Abigale is our bold and stylish fashion icon who always walks in confidence with her white cane.

Meeting Doreen couldn’t come at a better time. We’re working on multiple projects and refining our focus to better support our mission. The prospect of hearing the voice of Abby doing product reviews and sharing beauty fashion and style tips is exciting.

Doreen never lets the perception of others prevent her from living a rich, fulfilling, and productive life. I can’t think of a better person who epitomizes Abby!

Mainstream Assimilation In Education Featured Image Description:

A photo of Doreen Lundgren (seated at a table) one of the featured speakers at Alverno College, in Milwaukee. Her presentation was about literacy learning from the perspective of being blind.

Additional Images:

  • Colored alphabet braille blocks used for learning braille.
  • A photo showing the teachers engaged attentively with presenters in an early literacy methods class at Alverno College.


  1. Wow, I love the idea of Abby talking. I’ll stay tuned for those tips on fashion and style. Brilliant post overall, Steph!

  2. You make an interesting sub-point. The media loves to play up disabled people doing extraordinary things. What they overlook are the millions of us who do common things. Go to work, perform a normal job, raise children, eat in a restaurant. Yes, a few people are Paralympians, but most of us are relatively normal people. Great article!! 👍

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