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Loss | CoVid-19 Tip Of The Day #14

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Editor’s Note:

At Bold Blind Beauty, our goal is for you to enjoy life, but to be well while doing it. During COVID-19 we want to assist you with that, so here is our latest COVID-19 TOTD 14 (TipOf The Day) for managing the loss of a loved one.

COVID-19 Safety When Preparing After A Loss

The reality of death is something that many around the world are dealing with. The coronavirus (COVID-19) has taken many lives. It can be difficult dealing with the aftermath of the loss of a loved one. How do you come together and celebrate their life?

For many, they are handling this process on their own, all alone. “Why is that?”, you may ask. Many do not want to venture out of their ‘sanitized’ space, into an area of unknowns. 

Did you know that many have become sick after attending a funeral service? According to the CDC, that is what has been happening. If changes were made to the way funeral homes conduct their services, this would help prevent COVID-19 from spreading. The service is not just about the deceased, but about the community at large.

COVID-19 Safety When Preparing After A Loss image: Closeup of purple flowers at a cemetery.

Safety Strategies

There comes a point when our routine must change for the health and wellness of all. Nowadays we need to think outside the box, even when it comes to traditional ceremonies. When you are dealing with the funeral process in any way (making arrangements, visitations, support), you may want to be guided by the following safety strategies:

  • Connecting with family and friends is important during a loss and connecting virtually allows you to do that while remaining safe.
  • While the COVID-19 pandemic ensues, consider having two services. The first would be with all the protocols in place, such as social distancing, wearing masks, not touching any objects, not touching the deceased or anything inside of the casket, and limiting the number of live vocalists. The second would occur after the COVID-19 pandemic no longer remains. This would be a memorial gathering for all to come and celebrate the life of the loved one that has gone before us.
  • Even during small services, maintaining a distance of 6 feet from participants (such as pastor, facility staff, vocalists, presenters) and other attendees is vital.
  • For added safety, restructure and modify services in order to keep from touching ceremonial objects.
  • When wearing masks, this is to be done not just during the actual service, but also prior to and after the conclusion of service while you are around others.


This can be a difficult and uncomfortable time for all who are touch by loss. Staying safe while handling all the details that come with a loss can be tricky, but it’s definitely doable. Incorporating some of the above strategies will help to ensure that we all remain safe.

Your thoughts are welcome, so comment below as to whether this TOTD was helpful, what you would like to know as it relates to safety tips, and what you were able to relate to. Your insights and expressions are appreciated.

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  • Header image: Closeup of a man’s hand holding flowers and a rosary at a cemetery.
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