Life At 15 Miles Per Hour

Today marks the beginning of Legally blind, Searsport man, and friend’s transcontinental bike ride. Good luck Mike & Hans, wishing you both a safe journey!!


  1. I loved this story when you first posted about it. Good luck to them. I hope they are having the time of their lives and remain safe.

    1. I saw a couple of their pictures on Instagram and some of the scenery is just stunning. I hope they’ll continue to take photos even when they are in inclement weather.

  2. How wonderful to read about their goal to make dreams come true! Wishing them all the best on their journey 🙂

    1. It is a bold adventure Jackie and I love the fact that Mike is living his dream. He sent me a message the other day but I think I deleted it because I can’t find it anywhere but I believe he said they would be posting updates to their FB page @Shared Vision Quest every couple of days.

      1. Me too and this one was such a big dream. If I weren’t such a chicken I’d love to do something like this. But the world is full of adventurers we need chickens to balance things out. 😅

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