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Letting Go of Control Saves Time

It Really Is That Easy!!

In view of my recent issues I really wasn’t planning on doing a post today but I just had to share something that in my opinion is earth shattering!! Yesterday as I was preparing the e-version of my monthly newsletter I happened on an article that changed my life.

Okay, so it might not be life altering and I ‘spose I could possibly be exaggerating just a tad but I was blown away by this one simple thing. Up until yesterday getting the newsletter ready to distribute was a totally manual process but then something enchanting happened.

For those of you are techno wizards you can leave now because the rest of this is guaranteed to bore you. For everyone else who wants to save valuable time while creating a fabulous newsletter, or just do a fancy smancy email campaign, hang on for a sec.

MailChimp to the rescue. After using MailChimp yesterday I literally could have kicked myself because being a tech addict I couldn’t understand why I didn’t understand how to use this application a year ago. Yes, you heard correctly. I signed up for the free version over a year ago and did nothing with it, instead what I did was waste time and agonize over the best way to create a newsletter.

So what did I do? I’m glad you asked. I set up my newsletter campaign, created the newsletter using one of MailChimp‘s lovely templates, imported my contact list (just a simple synch to my gmail account), tested, retested and presto change o with the click of a button the newsletter was sent. Also, while I’m not sure how well MailChimp will work with other screen magnifiers/readers, it worked beautifully with ZoomText.

Lesson learned: Sometimes things really are that easy but a skeptic (that would be me) will make it more difficult than it has to be. If you give MailChimp a go let me know what you think of it. ~Steph


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