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Leading With The Heart Yields Meaningful Collaborations

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Editor’s Note:

Real Beauty Transcends Barriers” is not only Bold Blind Beauty‘s tagline, but it’s also our affirmation. We believe all people are beautiful and it warms our hearts when we connect with like-minded individuals who share our philosophy. In today’s blog post, written by Melody Goodspeed aka Abby, she talks about meaningful collaborations that focus on real beauty through inclusion. Her post captures the essence of Bold Blind Beauty and the companies we are honored to support. Enjoy!

Unity Is Strength

In a world where it seems hope is being tested and fear skews our logical thinking, it is more important than ever for meaningful collaboration. We have all tried at one point to “do it all on our own.” Society pushes us for secular workflows, but the truth is we miss out on seeing the bigger picture; a world of support, and vibrant creativity if we stay in our own swim lane. We have seen that most companies and entrepreneurs have failed with this model, as innovation has no room for growth.

Bold Blind Beauty has the pleasure of working and collaborating with companies and thought leaders that are taking collaboration to a higher level through inclusive design. We stand behind these unique companies that share a special journey on improving humanity by nurturing kindness through inclusion. These organizations see the possibilities not only for inclusion but for cutting edge innovation. How have they achieved this level? The answer is simple, they are listening and acting by including the very voices; the Subject Matter Experts—the over 1 billion people living with a disability.

Our community is constantly looking at ways to perform and are master problem-solvers. If we work alone, we are always in ACTION mode. But by listening and leading with the heart, we are able to find that balance of sound creative-thinking while elevating others, opens a world, and even roads never-taken. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like an endless journey of possibilities, and isn’t that what we all want at the end of the day? To feel heard and appreciated?


The first of what we hope will become many forward-thinking companies that Bold Blind Beauty believes in and are inspired by. We want to share their innovative ideas, products & services with our community through our new Collabs Page (coming soon).

  • Aille Design | Alexa Jovanovic, Founder
    • Aille Design (pronounced: eye) is an emerging fashion brand that makes Braille beaded clothing with a social purpose. The Braille beading on the garments is fully legible and is created with Swarovski Crystal pearls. Alexa Jovanovic, founder of Aille Design, designs all of the garments alongside a diverse team of blind, visually impaired and sighted fashion lovers. Together, we are disrupting the fashion industry and making fashion available to everyone.
  • Spktrm Beauty | Jasmine Glass, Founder
    • Spktrm is on a mission to redefine beauty standards so they’re more ethical and inclusive. We are the world’s first beauty brand to ban model retouching entirely.
  • Victorialand Beauty | Victoria Watts, Founder
    • Feeling is believing.
    • We believe that beauty should be inclusive, while providing real results that you can see, feel and touch.
    • Our goal is to make the best skin care products accessible to everyone.
    • From the unique texture, to the transformative feeling and the afterglow – we don’t stop pushing boundaries until we get it right.
  • Esas Beauty | Amanda Sichon & Seda Bilginer, Founders
    • Esas is an organic & sustainable farm-to-beauty lifestyle brand. Rooted in rituals and traditions from around the world, we create and formulate high performing products that increase your overall skin health and wellness. At Esas, our products are good for you, good for the people who make them and Mother Nature.
    • After working in the corporate beauty industry for a combination of over 25 years, Seda and Amanda set out to create a sustainable manufacturing company. At the core of what this brand is, it’s simply just love. Love for wanting better things for all of us.

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