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“You’re not the shape of your body. You’re not your status. You’re not your position in life. You’re not the car you drive no matter how fancy it is. You’re not your house or square footage.”

~Oprah Winfrey

Do you know who you are?

What defines you? When asked “so tell me about yourself,” what do you say?

Writing a self-compassionate letter to myself has been one of the best-wholehearted exercises I’ve experienced to date. Telling my story from a perspective of ’empathy and self-compassion’ allowed me to see myself differently. While on the “Dare To Own Your StoryTM” retreat this summer, all attendees were prompted to write this letter to ourselves. Since I couldn’t finish mine at the time I promised myself I would finish it later and I did.

Kindness, compassion, and a deep desire for social justice are central to who I am; these are my values. Bold Blind Beauty was born out of a personal need for empowerment that I wanted to share with others.” This is only a small part of who I am!

Knowing who you are, empowers you to accept yourself wholeheartedly. When you know who you are you can stand confidently in the knowledge that you matter. Recently my good friend Vicky, and I were talking about this topic and she wrote a song. The lyrics that she’s given me permission to share with you speak to my soul.

Friendships; real, authentic, friendships should never be taken for granted. Being able to be authentic, while sharing mutual respect, admiration, interests, and values is worth more than gold. Treasure yourself, treasure your friends, and enjoy Vicky’s beautiful lyrics. Just wait till you hear the music with the lyrics (still a work in progress).

Know You Matter

By Victoria Claire

Don’t deny yourself,
You’re just as good as anyone else,
You’re a shining star,
Never forget who you are,

Don’t reduce yourself,
Not for anyone else,
Feel your value from within,
Let it radiate through your skin,

And know you matter, you matter to me,
Know you matter, you matter to me,
Stand up, be tall, reach for your inner belief,
Let your strength shine through as you mean so much to me

Don’t reduce yourself,
Not for anyone else,
Know you are enough,
Feed your soul with love,

And know you matter, you matter to me,
Know you matter, you matter to me,
You’ve been through so much, yet you rise above your grief,
When your spirit shines, it gives so much hope to me. 

And know you matter, you matter to me,
Know you matter, you matter to me,
Just know you matter, you matter to me,
Oh how you matter, you matter to me.

Update: Since the publication of this article Victoria has recorded Know You Matter, the teaser is below. The song is expected to be released in January.

Know You Matter Teaser

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Photo of a chalkboard with the words “YOU MATTER” written in all caps and white chalk. The “O” in ‘you’ is a bright red heart.


  1. Thanks Miriam, I’ll pass this along to Vicky. As a singer/composer yourself I know you get the process. When I first heard the music I thought it was so pretty but then when she began adding the lyrics I was blown away.

  2. Love the words to the song. So powerful. And what a great idea to write a letter to yourself. Wonderful post

  3. Inspiring and honest lyrics! Love! And Steph, your core values shine through in your blog and your mission.

  4. Hi, thanks for enjoying the lyrics, I wrote the song as a self affirmation to know that I always matter, to know that I am enough and I have enough, this self compassion will feed and nourish my self worth so that I can grow .

  5. Hello Wendy, thank you so much for you kind words about my lyrics, the song is a work in progress right now, but I aim to get to the recording studio before Christmas so I can share the finished song.

  6. I so wish I could have shared the “draft” version with you because it is so darn pretty. I’ll let her know about your comment Wendy. Thank you for your kind words about my letter to myself, it was so much harder than I expected.

  7. I look forward to hearing Vicky’s song when she finishes it. Beautiful lyrics – I guess she’s finishing the music/composition.
    Re your post Steph: what a brilliant idea to write an honest evaluation of yourself. I can understand why it would take sometime. Dissecting oneself in soul and spirit would take strength and endurance but would also be cathartic, no doubt. Applauding you Steph – you’re going from strength to strength. Xx

  8. It really is Irene. It wasn’t easy for me and it took several weeks/months to complete the task but I’m so glad I did. Seeking external acceptance from an early age set me up for major break downs.

  9. Hey Aimee, how are you? Thank you so much and I hope you do write that letter. Back in July when I started to write mine I couldn’t help sobbing because of years of negative self talk was built up in my system. I think this was one of the reasons I couldn’t finish it while at the retreat. So after some serious reflection I put fingers to keyboard and wrote my truth and it was liberating. It’s excellent therapy.

  10. Another wonderful post. I’m going to try to write the letter to myself. I think it would be good therapy. Great job!!

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