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Jeans & Flats With A Little Bling

The Downtown Dinner Dress Dilemma

Sitting at my dinette table hands on knees with white cane propped up next to me.As of last week between the lingering winter-like weather, no money, the major parking lot renovation project at my complex, and NO MONEY, I’ve been feeling like a prisoner. Admittedly most days I am happily tied to my computer, there’s just something about being forced by external factors to remain at home that makes me crazy. I mean seriously if I don’t want to go anywhere gosh darn it I want it to be on my terms.

Oh well, at least this week the weather has begun making yet another turn towards spring and on Wednesday I headed to downtown Pittsburgh for a casual dinner meeting. Even I couldn’t believe I was about to embark on a trip into chaos with Donald Trump, Penguins and Pirate’s events all being held the same evening.

Here I am standing with my white cane in front of my breakfast counter.

Seated on bar stool in front of the breakfast counter highlighting the bracelet and rings.

So what does one wear when they could potentially be walking into a firestorm of political protesters and fanatical sports enthusiasts? Strategically thinking, this was not a time for ballroom formal yet what if I run into Mr. Right? Yet again what if mobs of people take to the streets and violence begins to erupt?

Seated on bar stool highlighting the flats.

After pondering these thought-provoking questions the solution to my what to wear predicament was simple: a dolman top, jeans, embellished flats and accessories for sort of a casual meets princess-type vibe.

The overall look was a nice presentation that was comfortable enough to allow for a quick getaway should the need arise, yet chic enough to meet my future soul mate. On a side note (this partly qualifies the no money thing) the only new item I wore was a bracelet that was a Christmas gift from one of my sons.

What follows is the description of my outfit in the attached photos.

  • Ann Taylor dark wash skinny jeans.
  • Victoria’s Secret deep v-neck dolman top. I’m not sure if this top is gray or olive but it’s a neutral shade that will go with just about anything. The long top (reaches to the bottom of my hips) has three-quarter length sleeves and is light-weight knit material.
  • DSW round toe pewter ballet flats (very old) beaded and rhinestone embellishments at the toe.
  • Silver accessories: chainmail statement necklace shaped like an inverted triangle with four decorative beads down the center to the tip, decorative floral cut-out disk-like drop earrings, decorative floral cut-out square chain link bracelet with tiny rhinestones throughout and two rings.

While the local news reported several arrests at the Trump rally, I’m happy to report that not only did our paratransit drivers avoid getting hung up in ridiculous traffic jams we only rode by one demonstration that seemed quite peaceful. Heaven knows when the fight or flight response kicks in I can run like the wind in heels because I’m more of a flight kinda gal.



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