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Jeans & Flats With A Little Bling

The Downtown Dinner Dress Dilemma

Sitting at my dinette table hands on knees with white cane propped up next to me.As of last week between the lingering winter-like weather, no money, the major parking lot renovation project at my complex, and NO MONEY, I’ve been feeling like a prisoner. Admittedly most days I am happily tied to my computer, there’s just something about being forced by external factors to remain at home that makes me crazy. I mean seriously if I don’t want to go anywhere gosh darn it I want it to be on my terms.

Oh well, at least this week the weather has begun making yet another turn towards spring and on Wednesday I headed to downtown Pittsburgh for a casual dinner meeting. Even I couldn’t believe I was about to embark on a trip into chaos with Donald Trump, Penguins and Pirate’s events all being held the same evening.

Here I am standing with my white cane in front of my breakfast counter.

Seated on bar stool in front of the breakfast counter highlighting the bracelet and rings.

So what does one wear when they could potentially be walking into a firestorm of political protesters and fanatical sports enthusiasts? Strategically thinking, this was not a time for ballroom formal yet what if I run into Mr. Right? Yet again what if mobs of people take to the streets and violence begins to erupt?

Seated on bar stool highlighting the flats.

After pondering these thought-provoking questions the solution to my what to wear predicament was simple: a dolman top, jeans, embellished flats and accessories for sort of a casual meets princess-type vibe.

The overall look was a nice presentation that was comfortable enough to allow for a quick getaway should the need arise, yet chic enough to meet my future soul mate. On a side note (this partly qualifies the no money thing) the only new item I wore was a bracelet that was a Christmas gift from one of my sons.

What follows is the description of my outfit in the attached photos.

  • Ann Taylor dark wash skinny jeans.
  • Victoria’s Secret deep v-neck dolman top. I’m not sure if this top is gray or olive but it’s a neutral shade that will go with just about anything. The long top (reaches to the bottom of my hips) has three-quarter length sleeves and is light-weight knit material.
  • DSW round toe pewter ballet flats (very old) beaded and rhinestone embellishments at the toe.
  • Silver accessories: chainmail statement necklace shaped like an inverted triangle with four decorative beads down the center to the tip, decorative floral cut-out disk-like drop earrings, decorative floral cut-out square chain link bracelet with tiny rhinestones throughout and two rings.

While the local news reported several arrests at the Trump rally, I’m happy to report that not only did our paratransit drivers avoid getting hung up in ridiculous traffic jams we only rode by one demonstration that seemed quite peaceful. Heaven knows when the fight or flight response kicks in I can run like the wind in heels because I’m more of a flight kinda gal.


44 thoughts on “Jeans & Flats With A Little Bling”

  1. Hi Heidi, glad to hear that you enjoyed your visit to Pittsburgh. As I was reading your comment I had to chuckle because even though I was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area I’ve never been to the Phipps Conservatory but it is on the list of things to due this summer. One of my gal pals came across a summer luncheon tour type thing and the Conservatory is one of the stopping places so I was pretty excited to hear this.

  2. Nice! Practical and stylish, what could be better! Pittsburgh is a great city, I really enjoyed my visit there last year. My favourite place there was the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Amazing.

  3. Hahaha! I’m with you on the hysterics Wendy. I don’t know how i could have forgotten about that one because it grates on my nerves. Like you said it’s a useless waste of time and energy. I have no sympathy for characters in these types of roles. It’s like they have no survival instincts. I’d just about given up on Mr. Right but with shared interests it could a very good thing.

  4. Your dolman top looks gray Steph and I love your chainmail necklace. Tell your son he has great taste in bracelets! You rock lady!
    As for the drama inspired scene – I’m with you on just running and asking questions later and the ditsy query of ‘who’s there’ can only be topped by hysterical women screaming instead of focussing on getting a weapon or thinking of some means of defending themselves. This may sound harsh but I can’t abide hysteria. It’s a waste of time and energy.
    And while I’m in a feisty mood – hope your soul mate gets a move on and walks – nay, runs into your life ASAP. Lol! 🌹

  5. I know what you mean. My most likely reaction would also be to heroically slip out the back door and then check the news broadcast later in the day. 🙂

  6. Great look! I am so happy flats are coming back into style! I did notice yours are a DSW find – I was so happy to discover that store!

  7. Hey Bun, thanks for swinging by. Yeah the news reported that one guy pepper sprayed a police officer and another jumped on an officer’s back. Other than a couple of isolated incidents overall it was mostly calm, thank goodness. Although if perchance I found myself in the midst of a melee my first instinct is to run first then find out what happened on the news. 😉

  8. The overall look is stunning Steph. Love the bling here and there, you’ve managed to pull off an effortless look:)

  9. That’s a very nice outfit. I’m glad your group didn’t run into any crazed political protestors, though. I’m not sure they’d be the kind to appreciate stylish fashion. 🙂

  10. Hahaha (trying to catch breath from laughing so hard). This scenario in the flick you reference here has always irritated me because honestly as soon as I hear the noise I’m GONE!! If you know you are the only person in the house, room, car, whatever there is no logical reason to say “hello?” You have to admit though that the scenes are predictable if not funny. And like I stated here, if for some unknown reason I should find myself in such a situation and I have on say, 4 inch heels, they will not deter me from running as if I’m about to catch fire. The image of people running amok and Mr. Right running beside me is hilarious! Thanks B.
    P.S. Awe yes, winter is just beginning for you. How are your winters as far as temperatures go?

  11. you know how in the movies (creepy horror slasher flicks to be specific) when there is a strange noise outside or in the kitchen or wherever, ever notice how The Actress always picks to “investigate” while wearing the most unpractical outfit to confront any intruder who will be waiting there in the shadows as she asks “hello is anybody there” as if they would answer….. and then tries to run away without any shoes on and suddenly there is broken glass everywhere….
    The point being in real life people ought to put considerable thought into what sort of day you are going to have…… people running amok and Mr Right, running there beside you hahahahaha

    Great look by the way ready to kick down doors and take namesor just run, run away like the wind flight girl


    P.S. and for us….. winter is beginning

  12. Hahaha! My one sons asked me a few years ago why all the sudden was I into everything sparkly. It wasn’t that I didn’t appreciate sparkle in the early years but I think as my sight started declining sparkly could still grab my attention. Love ALL things bling. xoxo

  13. Great outfit and love the thought process you went through. LOL I know what you mean about feeling like a prisoner when you “can’t” go somewhere, but would be perfectly happy to stay at home if it were your choice. Us humans are an odd lot, aren’t we?

  14. Well Steph, I guess I was braver than you since I wore my blue and white with white shirt and blue sweater with birds on front.
    Sherri Rodgers

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