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Jadon Lau | July 2023 Men In Motion

headshot of Jadon wearing a white dress shirt.

My goal this summer is not only to gain work experience, but also to expand my network and to explore the careers of creative writing, copywriting and possibly counseling.

~Jadon Lau

Editor’s Note

Introducing Jadon Lau, a talented writer and our latest intern in the Virtual Work Experience Program at Bold Blind Beauty. Jadon has displayed a keen interest in the activities and objectives of our organization from the very beginning. Besides carrying out outreach for our monthly features, he has also shown an inclination towards marketing. Thus, we partnered him with Anne Mok, one of our Ambassadors, to aid her in carrying our the marketing strategy she developed for the e-store. Jadon is a valuable member of our team and is currently collaborating with fellow intern Matthew Cho to produce a podcast episode.  

As part of our monthly features, we have included both the YouTube video and transcript for your convenience. Enjoy!~Steph

Beyond Sight Magazine Cover

Beyond Sight Magazine Cover and YouTube Thumbnail are identical headshots of Jadon wearing a white dress shirt.. Text on the cover reads “Beyond Sight July 2023 | Men In Motion | Jadon Lau.”

YouTube Video

Meeting Jadon Lau

Hi, my name is Jadon Lau. I am an upcoming junior at Bingington University. I have experience in fiction, creative writing, blog copywriting, researching, and tutoring. I am passionate in creating an open, inclusive environment for all people, no matter their background, ethnic identity, gender, sexual orientation, and disability. I thank Bold Blind Beauty for allowing me to feature in their men in motion segment. It is an honor.

Being Born Blind

I was born completely blind, and while I grew up, I received half a dozen surgeries, which were able to save my right eye, but unable to my left. I currently have 20/800 vision. I’m able to see color, light, and motion.

I’m unable to recognize people by their faces, and I am able to recognize them, although I admit that I’m not always successful in doing so by their voices. I need proper and sufficient orientation and mobility instruction in order to navigate a new environment. I’m able to navigate an environment I am familiar with, whether in the daytime or nighttime.

I attended public schools all my life, and in primary school I had the help of a teacher of the visually impaired and a one-to-one note taker and scribe. They have become very close with me, friends that I hold near and dear to me. I got along with my fellow students, my teachers, and it was thanks to my teacher of the visually impaired and my parents that I received all the accommodations I needed.

Acquiring Independence Through Self-Advocacy

Now I need to advocate for myself and I need to be self-sufficient. I admit that it has been a struggle in order to advocate for myself since I always relied on the help of my parents, but I am very thankful for them pushing me so that now I’m able to live in independently. In the summer, I would attend summer camps and programs such as Visions (VCB), Camp Abilities Saratoga, College Readiness Programs, and Work Experience Training.

These programs greatly helped me to connect with my community of people with disabilities. I admit that for much of my life, because I spent time with either my family or people who were familiar with me, I took for granted the accommodations that I had, as well as the familiarity of people around me.

Outside of those friends and the community I’d grown up with in school, people were unfamiliar with what it means to be visually impaired, much less how to handle anyone with a disability. It was thanks to the summer programs that I attended that I became aware of and learned to interact with people who were unfamiliar with those with disabilities.

College & Pursuits

I’m enrolled in Bingington University because it was one of the top colleges open to students with disabilities. I applied for accommodations with its Services for Students with Disabilities or SSD office. Well, staff and teachers were of great help to me, I am very thankful for how they call me and for the office hours that I have with them.

I do not connect and interact with many of my fellow students. I became more active online and I’m thankful to have met two friends who are very close with me today. I’m thankful for them, the support and for providing me with company and love. They are what inspired me to explore my passion in creative writing, as well as pursue a goal in creating an open, inclusive environment for all people.

Because of them, one of my friends suggested to me to pursue counseling because I am someone who is sociable, amiable, and I am compassionate. And I like to think that I’m able to sympathize with people and to listen to the struggles and help them out, or bring them come first.

This summer I’m working with Bold Blind Beauty as well as another company, The Love Manual Incorporated. My goal this summer is not only to gain work experience, but also to expand my network and to explore the careers of creative writing, copywriting and possibly counseling. With Bold Blind Beauty I hope to raise awareness while people with disabilities help them to feel more included in society and represents them.

With The Love Manual Incorporated I hope to educate people about love and and maintaining a healthy relationship and loving themselves. I can be found on Instagram @fireside_chatter on Facebook as Jadon Lau and LinkedIn as Jadon Lau. Thank you.

Jadon’s Bio

Jadon is going into his junior year of college. He has a passion for creative writing and helping others. Jadon is pursuing a career in life coaching and he uses his experience in creative writing to spread positivity and love.

Connecting With Jadon

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  • The header, Beyond Sight Magazine Cover, and YouTube Thumbnail are identical headshots of Jadon wearing a white dress shirt. Text on the cover reads “Beyond Sight July 2023 | Men In Motion | Jadon Lau.”
  • In the video, Jadon is standing in a room facing the camera wearing a white mock-neck shirt with his sleeves rolled up.

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