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It’s NDEAM Work It Beauty❣ 

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Beauty Buzz/Blog Biz | It’s NDEAM Work It Beauty❣ 

Beauty Editor’s Note:

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). EVERYONE can benefit from the beauty tips in this post because the products that I mention I have personally purchased and used. 

It is a new season, the perfect time to get a fresh start. Whether you are going back into the office, school, or seeking a new volunteer opportunity, you must present your very best. The following tips will help you look well-groomed even if you’re still on Zoom. 

“There is no excuse not to do something to make yourself look better”

~Diane Irons

Face Reality

There are no excuses for you not to put your best face forward and it’s not about wearing a lot of makeup. It just takes a few tweaks here and there of those finishing touches that complete the polished look.

It is obvious that we live in a visual world and people are looking at how you represent yourself. There is nothing like having healthy-looking skin. If you have skin concerns, seek out professionals such as dermatologists and estheticians to give you guidance.

Stock image of generic beauty primer in a bottle.

In the meantime, face primers can blur a lot of imperfections without any makeup such as foundation. There are a lot of them on the market and you might have to test a few out to see which ones you like. I like Laura Geller’s Spackle. Her primers come in many formulations and it doesn’t leave a slippery film on your face. It gives off a matte finish and best of all, men can use it as well.

Woman getting eyebrow threading treatment.

Take the time to get your eyebrows professionally done. Check out your area’s salons or Brow Bars. Utilize brow gel or pomade to tame them in place. You don’t have any eyebrow gel you say? Hair gel can be an option. Just look for the ones that don’t flake. You don’t have to put on lipstick, a tinted lip balm will do just fine. Sometimes it’s best just to keep it simple. 

A Cut Above

I know during this pandemic people have been doing DIY hairstyling and barbering. Fall is one of the perfect times to get a fresh start. Get your color flubs fixed. Take off those split ends for healthier hair growth.

Palette of various swatches of colored hair.

There are several salon and barber budget-friendly chains out there. One budget-friendly option could be a beauty or barber school. The students may be doing your services; however, licensed professionals are overseeing their work.

Men get those mustaches and beards tightened up and groomed neatly. 

The Perfect 10

There’s nothing like well-groomed nails. I personally like short, clean-looking nails and I think it’s practical for both men and women. I’m not dismissing nail art and the fun of it I just find sometimes that can be a little distracting and people can overdo it.

Beautiful groomed woman's hands on a dark gray background.

I like to use crystal nail files versus emery boards. You can find these online or at a beauty supply store. The thing that I like about crystal nail files is that you can file in any direction and they don’t split your nails all over the place. I leave the emery boards to the professional nail techs because they know how to use them.

Invest a nail buffer shine block. They smooth out the nails and leave a clear shine without polish. When you buff your nails to a natural shine, put a few drops of a natural-based oil such as olive oil on top of your nails. If you can’t visually see that your nails are buffed to a shine it usually has a smooth finished feel to it.

You can always treat yourself to a natural nail manicure. They seem to be the least expensive as far as nail services.

Now go forth and Work it Beauty! 


By Dana Hinnant, Beauty Editor

Connecting With Dana Hinnant


Author Bio:

A headshot of Dana wearing a black scoop neck top under a black jacket. She has glowng caramel colored skin and short dark hair.
Dana Hinnant

Dana Hinnant, a Washingtonian native, whose journey into the beauty industry began 20 years ago after receiving her B.A. in Hearing and Speech Sciences from the University of Maryland in 2000. She received her aesthetics training at Von Lee International School of Esthetics in Baltimore, MD. She started as a local makeup artist and events coordinator with Alluring Looks, Inc. in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Her articles were featured in local publications such as Pose Magazine and Yndigo newsletter. In the mid-2000s, she was a volunteer instructor with the American Cancer Society’s Look Good…Feel Better program, which landed her an esthetician position at an area day spa. 

Over the past several years, Dana has worked with various non-profit organizations and small businesses. During her tenure as the President of the Health and Wellness division of the National Federation of the Blind DC affiliate, she utilized the platform to provide salon safety tips and skincare advice throughout the community. She was a consultant with the Ecumenical Health Council in Port Towns, MD doing beauty and wellness presentations at area churches and events.

In 2019, Dana received the Maryland Association of Community Service Award for Volunteer of the Year due to her community engagement work for The Arc of Prince George’s County. In addition, she also received the Volunteer of the Year award for 2020 from The Arc of Maryland. She is a member and an ambassador with the Professional Beauty Association. Dana is one of the co-owners of Capitol Collective Consulting LLC which launched in April 2021.

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Image Descriptions:

  • Stock image of generic primer in a bottle.
  • Woman getting eyebrow threading treatment.
  • Palette of various swatches of colored hair.
  • Beautiful groomed woman’s hands on a dark gray background.
  • Author bio picture: A headshot of Dana wearing a black scoop neck top under a black jacket. She has glowng caramel colored skin and short dark hair.

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