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It Really Is A Blind New World

Changing The Way You See

Photo on the left is a close-up view of the tank and the second photo is me standing, white cane in hand, wearing the tank, black shorts, black sneakers with white soles and black head wrap.If you read my recent post, Dialing Down Stimulation Can Increase Contentment, you know that I’ve begun a serious purging process in almost all areas of my life. Kerry, a friend and fellow blogger of Postcards From Kerry, made a comment that has become my mantra—”Something goes in, something goes out.” I thought I had a pretty good handle on things until Tuesday.

I was in the zone sitting at my computer when all of the sudden I nearly jumped out of my chair at the unexpected sound of a very loud knock. Mollie starts barking wildly while my mind immediately gravitates to “it must be a serial killer” I mean who else would knock like this?

Fear makes me look at the live video feed to see who, or what is at the door. To my immense relief it’s a small package. Still a bit wary, because I haven’t ordered anything, I peek out the door then quickly grab the delivery.

Safely back inside, I open the FedEx package and pull out a gift from BlindNewWorld, a blind awareness social change campaign, sponsored by Perkins School for the Blind. Changing the way we look at blindness is the central message behind the campaign.

A triple photo collage of me standing, white cane in hand, wearing the tank, black shorts, black sneakers with white soles and black head wrap.

As delighted as I was to receive my new workout tank, I now had a dilemma. Getting my camis/tanks and tees down to one drawer was huge but my mantra dictates I must get rid of something. It really wasn’t very painful at all because I spied a tank that should have been included in my original throw away pile-YAY!

My new white tank top has the words “new” in braille, “change the way you see,” and “#BlindNewWorld” enclosed in a circle on the front. The tank is soft, lightweight, and comfortable enough to layer over another tank which I’ve done in the photos.

When I connected with BlindNewWorld on Twitter, I was thrilled to learn of their campaign because it seeks to break down societal barriers which exclude people who are blind. Through the sharing of real life stories, compelling videos, and engaging content, BlindNewWorld challenges outdated thinking and stereotypes on blindness while promoting inclusion.

Any significant loss in life can be painful and force us to go through a necessary transformation as we learn to adapt to our new circumstances but it can be done. When I began losing my eyesight the one feeling that stood out the most, aside from fear, was shame.

Shame was the reason I decided to describe myself as “blind” versus “visually impaired” because it was important for me to accept the word. Once I did this I was able to get a grip on my fear and move forward. “As part of its mission to demystify blindness, BlindNewWorld seeks to de-stigmatize and reclaim the word “blind,” so that a person who is blind can describe themselves as such freely and proudly.”

Thank you again BlindNewWorld for the work you do!

Have a nice weekend everyone!



30 thoughts on “It Really Is A Blind New World”

  1. Thanks Diana. I saw a quote the other day that I can actually remember “The most important things in life aren’t things.” It’s become my mantra and I don’t feel as burdened but I still have to unload more. Thank you also for the sweet compliment.💖

  2. Cute Tee, Steph. I like your something in/something out methodology. I need to do that! I’m so sorry that you went through a period of shame about losing your sight, and I’m glad you came out the other side a beautiful strong proud woman 🙂

  3. Oh yes Kathy, it’s a known fact that all the good serial killers knock first 😆. BlindNewWorld is making tremendous strides in changing perceptions while providing enlightenment. Thanks, as always, for stopping by Kathy! 💜

  4. I didn’t know serial killers knocked first…lol Just joking Steph! This is a great story and tank is super cute. Sounds like you and this organization have a lot in common.

  5. She’s doing much better thanks for asking. No not yet, but I’m thinking the backlit ones might be the way to go. I’ll keep you posted. Have a wonderful day! ☺

  6. Hmm I would not have thought that shame would be an emotion you would have when losing your sight, but now that you say it I can understand why. Funny the things you don’t realize or think about until it’s presented to you. Also the fact that you call yourself Blind so that you will accept it is something else I understand. Thanks for sharing that Steph, very brave of you!! Love the tank and so happy you had one to toss to make room for this NEW one!! xoxo 🙂

  7. I’m glad it turned out not to be a serial killer after all. They’re a real menace and always call at inconvenient times. (Anytime is an inconvenient time when it’s a serial killer.) Anyway, the new tank top is very cool. From what you say, BlindNewWorld are doing wonderful work.

  8. I need to follow in your footsteps. I’ve had about a 100 to 1 ratio of coming in to going out! Great photos, as always. And glad it wasn’t a serial killer!

  9. I love your new tank top Steph. I too try to use the mantra ‘something in, something out’ in an attempt to reduce clutter. On the subject of the word ‘blind’ I think you’ve done a brave thing to ‘own’ the word. I wonder if it drains some of the fear for you? I think those not sight-challenged suffer from blindness too. We see what we want to see. Current global politics attests to that.

  10. Acceptance is our first step, and we do that through words. Our second step and those that follow involve flaunting it. Rock your disability. This is precisely what y’all are doing here. Roll on!!!
    Happy Saturday!

  11. “Any significant loss in life can be painful and force us to go through a necessary transformation as we learn to adapt to our new circumstances but it can be done.” What a huge and courageous pronouncement! BRAVO! Resiliency is requisite to the abundant life Jesus invites us into on this side of eternity. And resiliency is defined by hardship. (At least for now….)

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