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Invisible Yet Conspicuous

“Sometimes I feel I am invisible and the next second I am terrified of how much I stand out.” ~Kerry Kijewski

wotm instagram kerry2Have you ever felt like Kerry? One minute you feel like you’re invisible yet at the same time you feel anxiety for being conspicuous?

Blindness, especially when you use mobility aids that make your disability apparent to the world can give you a feeling of bringing undue attention to yourself. It’s true when you are out in public with tools of independence you do stand out. You might feel a little apprehensive or even panic-stricken but here’s the thing by pushing through the fear you will find your strength.

People are going to look, they are going to presume to know what your story is by outward appearances, they may even go so far as to say rude things to you but until they know you, they don’t know you. Just keep being you, you are more than your disability and maybe you do stand out in the crowd but that’s okay because you made the decision to continue living your life by moving forward and that is outstanding. You are OUTSTANDING!!

Image: Kerry Kijewski is smiling and showing off her new Abigail (Abby) “Relax It’s Only A Cane” black tee.

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