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How Does Real Beauty Transcend Barriers?

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“She found strength. Not through the makeup, expensive bags, and clothes, nor through the attention of men. She found strength through confidence in knowing who she is and understanding nothing added more value to her than understanding her worth.”

~Pierre Jeanty

What does beauty mean to you?

How Does Real Beauty Transcend Barriers? | Image is an nntique ornate silver hand mirror on  a white background.

Bold Blind Beauty where “Real Beauty Transcends Barriers,” came about as a direct result of my sight loss. Being able to embrace beauty in spite of the physical loss of sight for me was, and at times still is, a massive personal barrier. While I feel I have a great sense of self-awareness there are times imposter syndrome makes me doubt myself.

For real beauty to transcend barriers it must begin with authenticity with self. The ability to accept ourselves and others where we are as we are is barrier breaking.

Bold Blind Beauty was founded to Empower women who are blind or have low vision to Embrace their beauty, Increase their confidence, Claim their power, and Boldly break barriers. Real beauty to us goes beyond physical beauty but certainly includes it.

Our tagline Real Beauty Transcends Barriers means several things but at its essence is authenticity. It means acknowledging the value of a person regardless of anything that might set them apart from others. Real beauty is inclusive; accepts and embraces people where they are, as they are.

Authenticity begins with being self-aware. It’s when:

  • How we see ourselves,
  • How others see us,
  • and How we want others to see us

are in alignment. For those of us who are on the blindness spectrum being able to reach down deep into who we are and giving ourselves permission to shine in whatever way that might be is strength.

The Beauty & Worth Dynamic

Our culture would have us believe that if we do not fit within a specific template then we are not beautiful. The problem with this philosophy is that it skews our thinking and tarnishes our inherent value. Think about how as a society:

  • we idolize youth and revile aging
  • we admire whole bodies and silence disabled bodies
  • we respect wealth, power, and titles, and reject poverty, vulnerability, and authenticity

On a personal level, real beauty has always been indescribable and it fills me with an immense sense of awe. I’m no expert but when it comes to beautiful people I think they are open, curious, and accepting of others.

  • Beautiful people place a high value on humanity.
  • Beautiful people are genuine, kind, compassionate, and seek meaning in their lives.
  • Beautiful people aren’t perfect people, they know it yet they don’t let this knowledge prevent them from doing the best they can in any given situation.
  • Beautiful people are shaped by life’s experiences.

Struggles have a way of exposing a person’s vulnerabilities, taking them through the flames of refinement and coming out on the other side more resilient. I also think beautiful people have a collaborative spirit that enables them to share their message of survival purely for the benefit of others.

Real beauty is in our character. Real beauty is living our values. Real Beauty Transcends Barriers and knowing this is our strength.

We believe that real beauty is not easy, but it is powerful and once we are able to fully embrace ourselves for who we are, we are liberated from the tyranny of others’ definitions of us.

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