How Do You Find Gratitude In Tough Times?

African American woman wearing yellow sweater in a kitchen smiling with closed eyes and her hands on her chest a graetful expression on her face.


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We know it’s been a tough season for everyone, even so, there are extraordinary moments of gratitude. At Bold Blind Beauty we’re grateful to continue to connect with some of the most awe-inspiring people who are changing the world. The fabulous Alex Herold of Patti + Ricky, The Adaptive Fashion Marketplace, is one of these people. In the captioned video below, Alex announces our joint campaign to kick off the holiday season. We’ve also included the transcript below the video Enjoy! ~Abby

How Do You Find Gratitude In Tough Times?

“I am grateful for…”

“I Am Grateful For…” Transcript

Hi everyone. This is Alex Herold, founder, and CEO of, the adaptive fashion marketplace. I wanted to jump on here and announce a campaign that we are doing for the month of November with Bold Blind Beauty, which is a community that empowers, connects, and breaks barriers.

And, throughout COVID, Patti + Ricky and Bold Blind Beauty have become friends, and we’re hoping to support each other and each other’s communities. And we wanted to launch a campaign called “I am grateful for…” And we are asking our communities to submit what they are grateful for to Bold Blind Beauty. You can message them on Instagram or Facebook, and we will be sharing with both of our communities, what everyone submits that they’re grateful for.

This has been a really challenging year, a really difficult time. And there are things that we can be grateful for. We have to remind ourselves to continue to think about what we’re grateful for, and I am grateful for all of you and our community. And I know that Bold Blind Beauty would also agree that they are so grateful for all of you.

So we really hope that this inspires others to think about what they’re grateful for during this really difficult year. And when you get a chance, if you could submit what you are grateful for to Bold Blind Beauty. You can direct message them on Instagram and Facebook, and we’ll share those with our communities. And I think this can be super powerful. So, thank you so much, and love you guys. Bye.

How Do You Find Gratitude In Tough Times?

Image representing gratitude: A pen next to text "Today I am grateful for..."

As Alex mentioned in her video, let us know what you are grateful for. You can leave a comment below or message us on Facebook or Instagram @boldblindbeauty. Thank you!! ~Abby

Connecting With Patti + Ricky:

Image Descriptions:

  • African American woman wearing a yellow sweater in a kitchen smiling with closed eyes and her hands on her chest a grateful expression on her face.
  • A pen with the text “Today I am grateful for…”

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3 thoughts on “How Do You Find Gratitude In Tough Times?

  1. Yes, this year has been especially difficult but I’ve found so much to be grateful for and as you say I don’t have to look very far for inspiration. I read Viktor Frankl’s book “Yes To Life!” this summer and found it deeply helpful in straightening my head.

  2. Normally there would be a long list. Eight months of isolation with no end in sight, and the list has dwindled. I give thanks every morning and evening. At the top of that list every time is my wife and then my family. Sometimes we don’t have to look too far for our daily inspiration.

  3. For many years now I have kept a gratitude journal. Each night I list 10 or more things I’m grateful for and I also pay attention throughout the day to announce my gratitude….clean sheet day …yay!!!! Hot water for showers and epsom salt baths….yay!!….I woke up, am alive, can breathe…..yay!…I can still go for walks…yay!……I have music on my laptop to listen to….yay!!! I can feed the wild bunnies and squirrels…and see deer and wild turkeys (35 of them the other day)….yay!!!!……

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