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Holiday Nails With Feeling

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Holiday Nails With Feeling

Paradise Is A Pampered Princess

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Nail Art #1 found on Pinterest

I’ll never forget my first professional manicure. The only word to describe the experience was sublime. When the manicurist massaged my hands I seriously felt like royalty. In fact, I was so relaxed I may have nodded off.

After she finished cutting, filing, buffing, shaping, and polishing my nails, they looked spectacular. I felt so good you’d have thought I was on my way to check out my star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If I must say so myself I was slaying.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve talked about fashion from a tactile perspective. When we create looks with an emphasis on texture it creates a fabulous experience within another dimension. Likewise, tactile principles can be applied in nail art as follows: 

  • shape
  • length
  • matte or glossy polish
  • using glitter, gems, and other items

To give you an idea of what tactile nail art looks like, I’ve chosen several designs within this post. These designs incorporate multiple tactile methods to delight those of us with little to no sight.

While I wouldn’t recommend it, many nail art designs can be DIY projects. However, becoming proficient requires a steady hand a great deal of practice. The cool thing here is you are only limited by your imagination. For example, you could use different colors to do a French manicure or use a glossy polish with a matte tip.

Holiday Nails Image Descriptions:

  1. This design has both deep burgundy matte and gold glitter polish. Thumb, middle and pinky fingers are solid burgundy matte, the index finger is solid gold glitter and the ring finger is a combination of the two polishes with a golden Christmas tree shape extending from the bottom of the nail towards the tip.
  2. Solid Metallic green polish is on all the fingernails in this picture and tiny gold accents (gems) are at the base of each nail. See more on Paintbox Nails.
  3. A classic solid red polish is on all the fingernails. A band of golden beads is centered lengthwise on the accent nail (in this picture, the middle finger). Demelza’s World
  4. Elevate a white mani by sprinkling festive red and green glitter on the bottom of your nails. (This is also a great way to hide any chips or imperfections before a last-minute soirée.)

Do you have any tactile decorative nail tips to share? We’d love to hear from you.

Images: Pictures 2-4 were found on Good HouseKeeping. The first image was found on Pinterest.


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