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Happiness at the Tip of the Knife. What?

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Editor’s Note:

In “Happiness at the Tip of the Knife,” written by Catherine Harrison, she references her husband, Dr. Craig E. Harrison. As a specialist in his field, I thought it appropriate to include his bio in this piece. Enjoy! ~Steph

Craig E. Harrison, M.D., P.A.Owner of Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Center-Tyler Dr. Harrison is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery as a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. With over 25 years of practice experience, Dr. Harrison specializes in the treatment of the face and body as well as breast augmentation, lift, reduction, and reconstruction services. Medical School-University of Louisville, KY Valedictorian General Surgery and Plastic Surgery Residency- UT Southwestern at Parkland Hospital- Dallas, Tx

Happiness at the Tip of the Knife. What?

Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeon consults a woman about facial lift surgery. He points at a digital tablet computer screen showing types of facelift, forehead lift, and nose correcting procedures available.


On our first date he looked into my eyes and casually mentioned that he could fix my nose…and yet surprisingly I granted him a second date.

When people I meet for the first time find out I am married to a Plastic Surgeon (Dr. Craig E. Harrison) they almost always do two things:

  • #1 Glance at my chest (This should be self-explanatory)
  • #2 Shift the conversation into a discussion about what cosmetic procedures they would most like to have done.

After thirty-three years of marriage, I am used to it and since I was an Operating Room Nurse in his office for many years I can parrot back information I learned from experience. 

Granted there are perks to being married to the fountain of youth. My favorite being the fact that I won’t ever have to lie about my age…that’s because no two parts of me will never be the same age.

But it’s not all Botox and roses being married to a man who both sees lots of women naked every day and literally gets to define aesthetic beauty. Although plastic surgery is not for everyone it is a growing trend using both surgical and non-surgical treatments for everything from gynecomastia (man-boobs), redundant tissue from massive weight loss, to the effects of aging in the form of sagging skin.

My advice, you’d best check your ego at the door of his office and never, ever, ever say to him “I want to look like so & so.” Have a consultation with an idea of what you would like to have corrected, do your homework to make sure you are choosing a board-certified Plastic Surgeon, and most importantly have realistic expectations

Seeking Happiness In Supernatural

The best comment I have heard Craig tell patients seeking to look better, tighter, bigger, smaller, or younger yet still look natural is,

“what you walked in here with is natural, what you really want is supernatural.”

Happiness At the Tip of a Knife image of a woman post-cosmetic surgery. Her head, nose, and chest are wrapped in bandages as she looks at herself in a mirror.
Post op

I believe the struggle with perceived beauty may lie in that single comment…it’s the supernatural we seek to make us happy.  If I just looked like so & so, then I would be happy. Or perhaps, we unrealistically want it all; beauty, health, intellect, confidence, a kind heart, and the quick fix of liposuction instead of dieting/exercise.  

Craig will be the first to tell you he went to Medical school, not Miracle school. Being realistic about the benefits of Plastic Surgery and how it can help you accomplish your desired appearance is probably the most important factor to getting a good result.

I have witnessed the life-changing restorative effects of plastic surgery reconstruction after disfiguring cancer. And the joy of a grandfather who finally, at age 68, took his grandson swimming because he wasn’t embarrassed to take his shirt off after liposuction to his chest. Then there was the mother of six children who, with tears in her eyes, said “I just wanted a normal looking body again.”

Seeing Beyond Physical Beauty

I have been granted a unique perspective as an operating room (OR) nurse, wife of a plastic surgeon, and a professional model who also happens to be legally blind. Everything in my daily life centers on appearance, but it’s my blindness that gives me the ability to look beyond what can be seen. I have learned never to underestimate the power of external changes and that contentment plus confidence can make anyone beautiful.

The effects of gravity sent my kids to college and it’s something no one can escape, not even me. But the jar of skin cream or the surgeon’s knife cannot make a person truly happy.   

My husband will attest that beauty really is only skin deep and an unhappy spirit goes clear to the bone. And that, my friend, only you can fix.

Don’t for one minute think I have let him off the hook about the nose comment on our first date!

Connecting With Catherine:

Author Bio:

Catherine Harrison 2
Catherine Harrison

Catherine is both fearless in the face of a challenge and skilled at defying the stereotypes assigned to women over 50 and to the handicapped. As a former professional ballerina, who studied at Julliard’s School of American Ballet, Catherine brings that same discipline, grace and poise to being a model who happens to be blind.

Catherine started her modeling career in the 1980’s working her way through nursing school. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and was an operating room nurse for many years before losing the majority of her eyesight. Although only partially sighted, due to a progressive retinal disease, she is very independent and uses her white cane for mobility.

Today, Catherine combines her skills as a ballerina, 10+ years of weight training and her knowledge as a nurse to become a popular certified fitness instructor, teaching stretching/flexibility class. Her lean, athletic physique and positive approach to fitness/nutrition/beauty at every age makes her both a role model and expert in what an active, healthy lifestyle can be.

Her encouraging message of perseverance and strength regardless of circumstances led Catherine to be a sought-after public speaker and writer for more than 10 years.

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  • Header: A singular scalpel on a white background.
  • Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeon consults a woman about facial lift surgery. He points at a digital tablet computer screen showing types of facelift, forehead lift, and nose correcting procedures available.
  • Post-op: a woman post-cosmetic surgery. Her head, nose, and chest are wrapped in bandages as she looks at herself in a mirror.

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