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Guest Post: Rose-Ann Lyons

Hope & Life After Sight Loss

I am “NOW” an Ambassador for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB). I have placed a Video, on YouTube and would love for all to Watch my Video titled: “WHISPER” “Go With It”. The Link is: If you have any comments or questions, please contact me or leave your comment in the message section.

My Video is the Story of my journey, after falling victim in a boating accident. I flew head first into something I don’t remember. My story is of what my Life, after being in an accident, being “THEN” “Without CNIB” and then learning about! hearing about! reaching out! to “NOW” “With CNIB”!!

Since being with CNIB, they gave me mobility and orientation with a white cane; I then was able to reach out to Guiding Eyes for the Blind, (GEB) in New York for my “NOW” Guide Dog, Margie. I created a Video, “WHISPER” “Go With It”. It is a result of their (CNIB & GEB) support, knowledge, understanding, and care for me. I don’t want anyone else falling through the cracks!! with the medical professionals like I did.

I was in a boating accident on July 1, 2008. I looked behind me and over my left shoulder and a two-story boat was right there. It was “THeN” that the Title of my Video became dear to me. I turned around; thought OmG! “NO” seatbelt; I heard a “WHiSPeR” “Go WiTH IT”!! I relaxed!! I flew head first!! My troubles began!! My struggles began!! A long Journey!! My “Life” changed!! A 180!!

AND “NOW”, after nine years (July 1, 2008) since the accident; What am I doing now? Where am I going now? How am I doing now? Watch my Video and “See” “Hear” “View”. These two Organizations (CNIB & GEB) changed my Life!! I “NOW” have joy! laughter! companionship! friends! back in my “LiFe!”


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