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Guest Post: Penny Parker

My Uniform

Frances is a beautiful yellow lab who guides Holly Bonner her handler

Photo courtesy of Holly Bonner handler to Frances her guide dog

I know you only see a dog when you see me in the street,
But look a little closer before we get to meet.
You’ll see I’m in my uniform, this harness that I wear,
Should tell you that I’m working, I have a human in my care.
The flash that shines upon my lead shouts out the job I do,
I’m guiding in my uniform, I’m steady and I’m true.
Now would you grab a policeman, a doctor, nurse or nun,
A fireman or a surgeon, so you could have some fun.
Would you want to hug them, distract them from their task
I’m not so very different, so THINK, is all I ask.
I’m doing such a special job, I’m being someone’s eyes
Distracting me to make a fuss, really isn’t wise.
Would you rush to hug a police dog, or a sniffer dog for drugs,
Or a guard dog barking madly, just to get some hugs?
I doubt they’d greet you kindly, their owners too may shout.
So please I ask you nicely, walk on and miss me out.
I’m working in my uniform, it’s very clear to see.
So this I ask you kindly, don’t attempt to distract me!

Copyright (c) 2017 Penny Parker


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