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Guest Post: Penny Parker

My Uniform

Frances is a beautiful yellow lab who guides Holly Bonner her handler

Photo courtesy of Holly Bonner handler to Frances her guide dog

I know you only see a dog when you see me in the street,
But look a little closer before we get to meet.
You’ll see I’m in my uniform, this harness that I wear,
Should tell you that I’m working, I have a human in my care.
The flash that shines upon my lead shouts out the job I do,
I’m guiding in my uniform, I’m steady and I’m true.
Now would you grab a policeman, a doctor, nurse or nun,
A fireman or a surgeon, so you could have some fun.
Would you want to hug them, distract them from their task
I’m not so very different, so THINK, is all I ask.
I’m doing such a special job, I’m being someone’s eyes
Distracting me to make a fuss, really isn’t wise.
Would you rush to hug a police dog, or a sniffer dog for drugs,
Or a guard dog barking madly, just to get some hugs?
I doubt they’d greet you kindly, their owners too may shout.
So please I ask you nicely, walk on and miss me out.
I’m working in my uniform, it’s very clear to see.
So this I ask you kindly, don’t attempt to distract me!

Copyright (c) 2017 Penny Parker

14 thoughts on “Guest Post: Penny Parker”

  1. I’m doing well and the weather here has become very toasty. We’ve reached the 90s but I’m not complaining-it’s wonderful!! I certainly will pass along your well wishes to Sherri. Hugs!

  2. Hello Steph. I am good thank you. The weather here in Madrid is now sunny everyday, and so hot! How are you?
    Oh that’s great about your friend receiving her new hearing aid. i am sure it will take time to adjust, but she will get there! Please send her my best wishes.
    Take care

  3. Hi Carly, how are you? You’ve been on my mind. My friend Sherri received her hearing aid and she’s still becoming adjusted to it, her doctor told her it takes some time but she’s doing well. I hope to do some blog visitations over the weekend and yours is on my list. Have a great day!!

  4. Hi Tori, Thanks for sharing. I don’t think there’s a limit to the amount of times a post can be shared but I have to approve first time comments so may you might have received a notification. If so, everything should be okay now. Please let me know if you have further questions. Steph

  5. It is hard and if more people like you would respect the handler’s wishes it would make life so much easier for the guide team. When they aren’t working they enjoy life as a dog but the minute they put on their harness they are on the clock and must focus their attention on their job. I shared a post a while back about one guide dog team in particular ( and now I follow the vlog. Drew, the handler is a comedian and his vlog is so entertaining I couldn’t help but want to catch some of his episodes. What strikes me as funny are Stella’s (his guide) speech bubbles and the expression on her face. Just priceless.

  6. Hey David, how are you my friend? You got yourself a deal. Over the past several years I’ve been going back and forth on whether to get a guide dog but haven’t yet taken the plunge but when I do and when we meet that will be the most fabulous of days. 💗

  7. Hi Brigid, I think many animal lovers, especially dog lovers, myself included, fall into the same camp but recognizing the role that these dogs provide helps to dampen the hugging urge.

  8. Fantastic poem Steph, with such an important message. Your dog is beautiful and I’m sure many people are tempted to have some cuddles. It’s good to make people aware that this is not appropriate when a guide dog is working.
    Take care and I hope you are well.
    – Carly

  9. I know to not interact with service dogs, but sometimes it is really hard. I was at the VA with my dad and a vet came in with one. They sat down beside of me and he was just laying there. I asked the vet if I could pet him and he asked me not too, as he was a service dog in training and was still a little unsure in crowds. So, I respected his wishes and didn’t…as hard as that was. The vet thanked me for asking and not just reaching out to pet him.

  10. A clever poem Steph. I promise never to distract your dog if you’ll promise to say hello if I ever get to greet you. OK you might not know who I am but you’ll recognise the accent and the proffered hugs.
    xxx Massive Weekend Hugs xxx

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