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Guest Post: Mel Scott

Food or Foodoid??

Originally Published on BlindAlive January 24, 2016 / Mel Scott

cookies 1264263 640Have you heard of the word “foodoid”? You probably haven’t, because I just made it up — or at least I think I did. I rather like the word.

Definition – A foodoid is a substance eaten by people and is often fed to animals that may resemble actual food or smell like what is commonly called food. It is likely to have little or no nutritional value.

Examples of foodoids are beverages such as Coke, diet drinks, Cheetos, Pop-Tarts, doughnuts, highly processed white bread, sugary breakfast cereals, highly processed meats, and of course candy. These foodoids do not look like anything found in nature — unless it is an animal cracker — and that is a loose resemblance.

refreshments 321204 640Foodoids are crafted to appeal to our desires for crunchy, salty, creamy, or sweet tastes. They taste good to us, and we even find them comforting. We can develop strong cravings for them, even though they do nothing to actually feed the tissues in our bodies.

I think it is time to take an honest look at this. Why do we buy something that has no nutritional value? Why do we eat stuff that obviously is making us sick? The evidence is everywhere! Why do we believe without question the commercials that promote this junk as good for us? I don’t get it! I feel like humans are willingly self-destructing. It is absolutely senseless!

cake 2201819 640Food needs to be eaten and enjoyed for the energy and nourishment it provides for our bodies. Real food provides real joy. If we begin to gradually add real food to our diet, the desire for foodoids will begin to fall away. We become aware that real food feels good, and foodoids make us feel heavy and unmotivated… We have the power to take charge of ourselves! Let’s stop eating foodoids!

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