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Guest Post: Lisa Salinger

Gentle Workout Success

Originally published by Lisa Salinger on June 21, 2015 on Blind Alive  

2 bananas & 2 apples on a dish next to 2 hand weights and a body tape measureOne of the questions we hear most often is: “I’m out of shape. What workout would be best for me?” Of course, the answer depends on many factors. For most people, our Cardio Level One and Sculpting with Weights Level One workouts are good places to start. Many people find these workouts provide the right level of motivation, and that they improve over time. Sometimes, people start out being able to do only fifty or sixty percent of the exercises, and it is very exciting, both for them and for us, to know that they are progressing over time.

For some, these workouts are a very large first step, and many have asked for something that would provide a gentler way for those with significant physical challenges to become more active. In the short time our Gentle Workout Set has been available, we have been pleased and gratified by the many responses we have received. Some people are using the workouts during lunch break in their offices, while others are using them to help in recovery after surgery or injury. Because most of the exercises can be done seated or standing, they can be modified to meet the needs of anyone striving to improve his or her health.

The Gentle Workout Set is a series of four 20-minute workouts and contains:

  • A light warm-up and stretch
  • A gentle but effective cardio workout
  • An upper body and core session
  • And a program to work your lower body and improve balance

Consider alternating the workouts by completing one every other day, or doing more as you are able. we think you’ll love these gently challenging workouts, and because the pace is slower, all instructions have been integrated into each routine. However, we have still provided audio and text descriptions for those who would like them. You can play these workouts on your computer, or on nearly any audio device available on the market. Read more about supported audio players. If you’re not especially techie, and the process of getting the workouts on your device seems daunting, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

With exercises accessible to everyone, it’s time to say Goodbye to excuses and Hello to good health!

If you’re using the Gentle Workout Set, we’d love to know what you think.


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