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Winter is here for some of us…

Angela (Angie) Roberts is looking like a rock star in her fabulous oversized shades, a sheer black cover-up over a black flapper dress, and jewelry.
Angela (Angie) Roberts

and the high streets have cozied up with a fabulous new collection of winter warmer coats*. What is your style and where do you shop?

  1. In the first large picture, the model is wearing a wool mix pale grey coat classic and stylish, with an oversized camel coloured scarf wrapped several times around her neck. In her right hand, she is sporting a rather lovely large camel coloured handbag topped off with indigo skinny jeans.
  2. In the second picture, top of the frame, the model is wearing a black cocoon coat also a wool mix. Under that, she is dressed in a black shirt and black jeans. This look can also be dressed up with a sparkly jewelled scarf in a colour of your choice.
  3. The bottom picture shows a model wearing a classic parka in pale grey with an oversized fur hood for maximum warmth. I love a bit of faux fur trim.

Tell us where you shop and what’s your style of winter coat?

About The Author:

Angie Roberts is seated and holding her white cane in front of her. She is looking like a rock star in her fabulous oversized shades, a sheer black cover-up over a black flapper dress, and jewelry.

Angie, a fashionista from the UK, manages Abby’s Fashion Brigade, a gathering place for blind and visually impaired women to talk all things fashion. A young heart attack survivor, Angie says: “There is no positive in going blind, but there is positive in not giving up! Wear it the way YOU want, do it the way YOU like…never give up on your self.”


*The collection of coats Angie pulled together:  grey coat with camel scarf was featured at the New York Fashion Week (NYFW), the other two were found on Amazon and eBay.


  1. Since downsizing I don’t have as many as I used to but it is nice to have a couple different styles from which to choose. When it gets bitter cold I’m more concerned with being warm. Years ago I had this full length suede coat with fur lining that I snagged at Costco’s. It was the warmest winter coat I ever owned and I’m still kicking myself for getting rid of it.

  2. I like that there are so many different styles of coats and I think that’s why I own several, so I can choose the style that works for my wardrobe that day. For example, I wear a dressier coat to church and a functional coat for skiing.

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