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Guest Post: Angie Roberts

Tartan Scarf

Check and Tartan prints are awash on the catwalk…

IMG 4787 e1510419047742with a strong Scottish tartan influence, so why not be seen about town sporting one of these?

  • Style 1 is a typical green check with fragments of navy blue, yellow, and red, this a traditional tartan check.
  • Style 2 and my personal favourite, is an oversized cream background red check with lines of red, green, yellow, and blue criss-cross to form a chequered pattern.
  • Style 3 is a bold grey black and cream check with a fringe tassel trim. This is a fabulous statement scarf, worn with a black cocoon coat, you’ll be bang on trend this autumn and winter season.
  • Style 4 is a red and black check simple and stunning with a fringe tassel.

Search for Chequered scarves. Winter’s gonna be fun!

About The Author:

Angie Roberts is seated and holding her white cane in front of her. She is looking like a rock star in her fabulous oversized shades, a sheer black cover-up over a black flapper dress, and jewelry.

Angie, a fashionista from the UK, manages Abby’s Fashion Brigade, a gathering place for blind and visually impaired women to talk all things fashion. A young heart attack survivor, Angie says: “There is no positive in going blind, but there is positive in not giving up! Wear it the way YOU want, do it the way YOU like…never give up on your self.”


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