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Guest Post: Everyday Fitness

The following article written by my guest contributor, Mel Scott of BlindAlive, was originally published on September 30, 2014. This post spoke to me on a very deep level as I’ve been recently struggling with weight gain due largely to atrocious eating habits and inactivity. Mel makes an excellent point that our health should be our #1 priority. Without good health everything else is moot. So today (I’ve actually been thinking about it for a while now), I’m recommitting myself to getting and staying healthy and will once again begin an exercise regimen, this time I’ll be taking it slow. Mel, thank you for the motivation.

Glass of water with ice cubesMy Dad used to say, “I’m just going to tell you like it is.” Of course, his view was from the reference point of someone born in 1910 but he was always straight forward and honest. He was a kind and generous man even though his words were hard to hear at times.

I am going to step outside my comfort zone and “tell you like it is” in relation to getting strong. I believe 9 times out of 10 that people can choose to get more fit than they are currently. It is simply a matter of saying to yourself, “My health is absolutely, without a doubt, the most important part of my day.” It is impossible to serve others with your whole self if you are functioning at low energy yourself. Over the long term, you are not doing anybody in favors by putting yourself aside.

Here is your excuse-free, equipment-free, eyes-free fitness plan! I am telling you exactly “how it is”.

Start your day with a big glass of water. If you say, “I hate water” or “Drinking water first thing in the morning makes me ill”, then I say, Do it anyway and you will learn to love it. Our bodies are made of more water than anything else so love yourself and love your water.

Breathe. Actually breathing before you drink your water is a good idea. While in bed, stretch and breathe into all your whole body. Locate all your bones and muscles and appreciate them. I like to pump my breath in and out fast to get my engines running.
Plant your feet on the ground and stand strong. Smile whether you feel like it or not because you are alive and moving.

Make good use of time. Here are some ideas.

  • Lunges are for brushing teeth.
  • Squats are for before landing on the toilet. I am not kidding!
  • Massaging neck and jaws are for in the shower.
  • Squats are for picking up laundry baskets, children, cases of water. Smile
  • Tricep dips, dancing around the kitchen, marching in place or jogging, are for waiting for food to warm up or cook.
  • Fidget. Make yourself look like a nutcase while waiting in line anywhere. I do it all the time and nobody has ever ostracized me in any way I could detect. Ha ha.
  • Squeeze your butt. If you sit a lot, use the time to tighten your butt and legs.

Isometric exercise is very effective and it keeps your blood moving. Circle your feet under the table. Go ahead, nobody is looking. Watch your posture. Make sure your shoulders are back and down and your back is straight. I have heard it said, “That sitting is the new smoking.” Make yourself get up and move. Go get your water.

I expect by now you get my drift. The key is noticing where and what your body is doing and correct accordingly or reward yourself for taking one step toward a healthier you. I promise, your family, your work relationships, and the people you serve will be better off when you put yourself first. Moving in little ways all day will go a long way to feeling better about yourself and everyone else.

Now I have been sitting way to long. Annabelle and I are going for a walk.

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Mel Scott Founder and President

10 thoughts on “Guest Post: Everyday Fitness”

  1. Thanks Khaya, I’ll let Mel know of your comment. This post is the one that has served as a reminder for me to take getting healthy seriously. Since I posted the article I have been drinking water first thing in the morning, am now looking at appealing meals and the biggest thing is I’ve stayed away from candy for the past few days. Just found out I’m 30 pounds overweight so I’ve got my work cut out for me.

  2. Yeah,B. I can see you being a fidgeter (is that even a word?) This post was one that I needed to see to get my behind in gear. My drs. appt. the day after this post revealed that I am 30 pounds overweight – UGH!! I knew it but I found as I’ve gotten older denial has become a close friend whose ties I need to sever. All this was so much easier when I was younger but now I actually have to work for continued good health. Believe me I don’t think I’ll ever be a lover of exercise but even I have to admit when I do it on a regular basis I feel so good. The challenge is keeping the momentum going.

  3. Love this, “Squeeze your butt. If you sit a lot…”. I found myself squeezing as I read this brilliant post, and soon I’ll be out of the door for a walk:-)

  4. I’m so glad to see you are drinking your water. I exercise to a certain limit; however, I do wish I could to jump around like a monkey; so I don’t. Howver, I do try to keep up with my walks on the treadmill. At times, it’s tough; but I do a hit n miss with the treadmill. I hope it’s not missing me. Ha Ha!

  5. you are made up of almost entirely water, guess what, me too ^_^ see its easy to find things in common with people.
    hey I do Lunges in fun creative ways too e.g as I walk to the bathroom to take a shower , dont know about the squats on the toilet though, but you could do them before sitting on a low sofa or stool
    how about bicep curls with groceries shopping bags
    I draw the line at doing star jumps as you pop out of bed first thing in the morning. if we were meant to do that, our beds would be like toasters.

    I never stop,never stand still, I cant am always fidgeting around, I guess I got energy to burn and gotta sweat out all that water.


    oh and smiling and laughter my day is never complete without that

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