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Going Into 2021 With Micro-Intentions

Header photo is a grayscale image of small drops of water into a larger body of water.

Abby’s Corner | Micro Is The Word

Going Into 2021 With Micro-Intentions Image is a Happy New Year handdrawn sign with two butterflies atop the letters
Happy New Year

Micro changes in life can bring a macro transformation.


Steph and I took some much needed time off during the holidays and now are gearing up for 2021!

What I really enjoyed during the break was reflecting on the people we connected with, accomplishments met, and being surrounded by so much love during very difficult times. I never thought the stroke of midnight would magically rid us of all the challenges we have all faced, but I have hope in the future. It is this silver lining of wonder that I find peace, even with a world that seems to grow in negativity and unresolved issues.

It is because of you, that I live to advocate and keep my eye on the goal of positive change. I still very much believe in the good of humanity as I see it living in what we have created at Bold Blind Beauty. Yes, we do talk about fashion, skincare, and style, but we are so much more! At the heart of BBB, we believe beauty is in all of us, is very much alive, and it is this truth that ignites the passion for change.

Shining Your Light Through Micro-Changes

It is so easy to get distracted by all the noise that swirls around us from the time we arise until we go to bed. These distractions can turn into a tidal wave of emotions ranging from feeling overwhelmed to anger, and anxiety. I ask you to do this, push it back, and stay true to your beliefs and gifts. We ALL have unique gifts and these distractions threaten to keep us from shining. The world needs your light and when we shine together our silver lining has the power to unite us all. Your dreams for your life are planted in your heart for a reason, give them a chance to grow and blossom.

We tend to look at the New Year through the lens of “New Year” “New You”… But that does not need to be the case, you are lovely the way you are! Plus, that is too stressful to be thinking about a massive overtake of the joy that you are inside and out! Let’s go for micro-changes this year. Here are a few micro-changes I started on Monday that have made me feel good and I was able to pat myself on the back for sticking to them:

  • Meditate for 1 minute in the morning
  • Take one walk a day
  • Read words of encouragement and have that one sentence in my mind and apply it to all that comes at me during the day!

Here’s an excellent article on micro-habits published in Harvard Business Review: To Achieve Big Goals, Start with Small Habits

What micro steps can you take today that will fill your heart and soul? What is that dream that keeps tapping you on the shoulder and saying “can we please do this?” Life is precious and it is up to us to make the decision to be focused and committed. That other stuff, like a wave in the ocean crashes and then goes away. Rise above and surf your way into the future you want and show the world those unique gifts!

Much Love!


Image Descriptions:

  • Header photo is a grayscale image of small drops of water into a larger body of water.
  • Happy New Year image is a handdrawn sign with two butterflies atop the letters “Happy New Year”

4 thoughts on “Going Into 2021 With Micro-Intentions”

  1. Hi Dear Khaya, I didn’t know your comment was out here, and apologize for my delay in responding. I hope you had a Happy New Year🥂🍾I will also let Melody know that you left a comment as well as she authored this piece. ❤🤗

  2. Thank you Wendy!! I’ll let Abby aka Melody know about your comment. So sorry I’m so far behind. For some reason I don’t always know when there are comments made here. Be well my friend!🥂🍾🤗

  3. 🎈🎉 Happy New Year Steph & Abby. Beautiful words of wisdom Abby! As mentioned, the idea of adopting ‘micro’ goals or steps/habits, is achievable for most and no doubt will provide us with a sense of accomplishment, on a daily basis.
    I agree with you Abby – even though 2020 was a trying year and humanity at large is not out of the woods where the pandemic is concerned, somehow, I also felt a sense of optimism when 2021 rolled in. Wishing you and Steph, and all your readers a memorable and wonderful year this new year of 2021. 🎉🎈🎇🎆🍷

  4. Happy New Year, dearest Steph! And thank you so much for your encouraging and wise words. It’s true the noise in our world can be a big distraction. So, I truly like your word, Micro, and the idea of Shining Your Light Through Micro-Changes. Here’s to rising above and surfing our way to the future we want!

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