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Glam Makeup On A Budget

glam makeup on a budget image description is in the body of the post.

Glam Makeup On A Budget

by Eileen Robinson, The Blind Gypsy

Hi folks, as you can see by the heading, this article is related to doing “glam” makeup on a budget, because let’s be honest, life is expensive; children, animals, food, rent, socialising, whatever floats your boat and lastly makeup (did I mention food?) Sigh.

However, I have found a great way to still make yourself look like you use high-end quality makeup products without breaking your bank budget. Yaay, for that right.

As most of you know, I am a makeup junky, I love makeup. I play with makeup even when I don’t leave the house. For myself, makeup is an art and my face is the canvas.

I can do a whole makeup project on my face and then once done, just wash it off and ta-da, new canvas again. It’s a relaxing thing to do, most of the time, liquid eyeliner is the enemy and can be daunting to apply (it’s taken me years to master the winged eyeliner look – the key is CONFIDENCE).

I shall be sharing my tips and tricks to apply minimal makeup, in order to look glam, fancy, pretty and oh so lovely. Well, that’s how I feel once I’m done with my face. Let’s begin, shall we?

Step One

Image #1 (glam makeup on a budget image description is in the body of the post).

Image #1

Apply your base/foundation as per normal (I use a beauty blender sponge, helps with blending). Everyone has their own specific base/foundation that they love and are comfortable with. Just always make sure to blend it in with your neck. No one wants to see that your face has base/foundation on. We are not watching a live performance of “The Mask” featuring Jim Carrey here folks.

Blending is key. Spend extra time blending that face into your neck. I use Essence Camouflage 2 in 1 Makeup and Concealer, it is affordable and it goes on the skin so lovely. And believe me when I tell you this, I have used pretty much all the high-end foundations (sorry not sorry), but some of them are so overrated. You’ve pretty much spent a small fortune on it and it sucks on your skin. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt). I find Essence is lovely as like I said it blends well, my pimples are far less since using it as well. Double win right?

Step Two

Image #2 (glam makeup on a budget image description is in the body of the post).

Image #2 Essence Strobing Highlighter

Give your face some colour, AKA blush, and basic contouring. I am no pro at contouring, I use a pallet that already comes with the shades that suit my pale skin. Each to their own on this as well, as everyone has different skin tones. The ladies in the shops should be able to help you and assist you with the correct colour.

Well, the tip to getting high cheekbones is to suck in your cheeks and attempt a pout face. This will leave the sections of your face where you need to apply the bronzer, sweep your brush from the cheekbones up until the hairline. Blending is key here as well. No one wants to see the different colour tones on your face.

Next step, I use a fish brush, it helps put highlighter on your face so smooth. I put my highlighter just above where the cheekbones are, as well as on the bridge of the nose and just along the top line of your lip.

Image #4 (glam makeup on a budget image description is in the body of the post).

Image #4

Step three

Image #5 glam makeup on a budget image description is in the body of the post.

Image #5 – Eyebrows

The eyebrows, they are important as they are the frames of the face, in my opinion. As you can see in the picture, my eyebrows are hardly there anymore, since I burnt them off by accident lighting a smoke back in the day, oopsy.

So yes, I use eyeshadow (the same colour as your hair ladies) and make an outline with a small slanted brush all around the eyebrow that I have left. Once done, then I simply just “colour in” my outline with the same coloured eyeshadow. I realise that there are eyebrow shapers out there as well as all sorts of eyebrow blending brush tools that have colour etc, however, I am on a budget, I find the eyeshadow does the same job at less of the cost. You can then use an eyebrow comb to put all stray hairs down.

Step Four

The scary part of liquid eyeliner. Sheesh, liquid eyeliner still scares me, however its all about confidence. Once you have that liquid eyeliner on the spot where you want to start on your eye, move it confidently from the eye centre to the outer eye. As you can see by the picture, I make a shape as well. This helps with guiding a person and if you make an error, it’s easier to clean the “outline shape” than cleaning the whole eyelid. The tricky part is the eyeliner wing, hence why I do an outline, then just colour in, presto, done.

Image #7 glam makeup on a budget image descripition is in the body of the post.

Image #7

Step Five

Finally the mouth. Lipstick is so lovely, it cheers all girls up, as far as I know? Well, I find if you use a lip liner and then outline your mouth (as per the picture) then you colour in the lips with your lipstick. The lipliner makes the lipstick last longer.

The last and final touch before you are done with your face is to kiss a toilet roll or tissue paper. By doing this, you will remove any residue or excess of lipstick and it won’t land on your teeth. Oh yes, please make sure the lip liner is the same colour as the lipstick, if not, well then you have started a new makeup trend.

Image #8

Image #8

Step six

Have FUN! Doing your make up should be fun. If you mess up, don’t give up, try again. Practice makes perfect.

The best tip ever though, is get yourself a mirror that can magnify largely. I use a mirror like that when applying my eye make especially. It helps so much.

Image #9 glam makeup on a budget image description is in the body of the post.

Image #9

Glam Makeup On A Budget Image Descriptions:

The featured image, as well as 5, 7, 8 and 9, are of Eileen in various stages of makeup application. She has pulled back her dark hair and is wearing a fuchsia top.

  • Image #1 Tube of Essence Camouflage 2 in 1 Makeup and Concealer
  • Image #2 Compact containing Essence Strobing Highlighter
  • Image #3 Essence Shape Your Face Contouring Palette
  • Image #4 Fish Brush – The handle on this makeup brush is a fishtail complete with scales. This brush is pastel rainbow colors in pink, blue, and yellow although they come in different colors and can be bought from Amazon.
  • Image #5 Eyebrows – draw the outline and then colour in eyebrows. Eileen’s photo shows how she outlines then fills in her brows.
  • Image #6 Essence All About Nudes Brow Shadow Palette
  • Image #7 In this photo Eileen has outlined a wing to be colored in with eyeliner
  • Image #8 Shows Eileen’s outlined lips
  • Image #9 Finished face – Lips coloured in. Mascara is on

If you would like to connect with Eileen you can follow her on Instagram: @the_blind_gypsy

Happy Monday!


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