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From MD to Pokemon, Abby Is On The Move

Check Out These Fab Pics of #AbbyOnTheMove

Maryland Grocery Store with magnifierOur Abigail has been a busy lady indeed! The following photos were taken in Maryland, Nevada, California, Ontario and my personal favorite with Pokémon!

Susan Kennedy uses the smartphone app Visor in order to read a can label with magnification and contrast control at the grocery store. She’s wearing an Abigail Style comfy white tank which reads “Blind Chicks with Attitude” paired with a pink cotton sweater, gray shorts, and silver flats.

Grocery Store Magnifier (1)

Images: 1) Use more than eyes at the grocery store, try sniffing a cantaloupe to see if it’s sweet/ripe or not. 2) Susan greets cashier with a smile as she navigates with her white cane and pulls a full grocery cart behind her thru the checkout lane.


Abigail was a welcome tag-along on my wedding and honeymoon to Las Vegas, Williams, Az, the Grand Canyon, and Sedona, AZ! ~Bree Orner


A Little White Wedding ChapelWilliams, AZ

Grand CanyonSedona, AZ

My friend Bree Orner posed with “My Friend is Bold Blind & Beautiful” Abigail Style coffee mug in front of “A Little White Wedding Chapel” in Las Vegas Nevada, in front of a train in Williams, AZ., at the magnificent Grand Canyon (in the background) and in front of a mountain in Sedona, AZ.


Laguna Beach, CA w%2FJoy

Joy Thomas is standing on the beach holding a “My Friend Is Bold Blind & Beautiful Abigail Style coffee mug.


 Visually impaired women want to develop our own style, just like any other woman. ~Kerry Kijewski


Facebook Ontario Kerry

Thanks go out to Alaina Vollmershausen of Glow Hair Studio / the Closet, Woodstock, ON, Canada, for helping Kerry spread awareness about how visually impaired women want to develop their own style, just like any other woman. Alaina is standing behind Kerry holding the “My Friend Is Bold Blind & Beautiful ” mug.

Kerry & Neice

Kerry Kijewski is sitting with her little niece who is holding the “My Friend is Bold Blind & Beautiful” Abigail Style coffee mug.



I thought this one was cute. The son of one of my friends captured two different images of Pokemon characters who appear to sit on top of the “My Friend is Bold Blind & Beautiful” Abigail Style mug.

Abigail Style products are available at 10% of all profits are donated to the Employment Services Division of Blind and Vision Rehabilitation Services of Pittsburgh (BVRS).

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