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So yesterday my blogger friend Susan of Adventures in Low Vision, and I were having a discussion on October being Blindness Awareness Month and we were tossing around ideas for an awareness ribbon. This discussion got me to thinking why not reach out to this community for help on an interesting design project.

The white cane, is a mobility device that allows its users to navigate the world safely and independently while at the same time it indicates to others that the user has some form of vision impairment. Likewise the icon used as blindness awareness features a silhouette of a person using a white cane.

Before anyone gets all up in arms on ADA guidelines and specifications, what I am about to request is specific to this blog only. I’ve included in this post the reworked International Symbol of Accessibility by the forward thinking Accessible Icon Project. This is an example of how positive change begins.

Reworked International Symbol of Accessibility of a white silhouette of a person in a wheelchair against a blue background.
the Accessible Icon Project

White silhouette of a person using a white cane against a black background.

Since this blog represents style and lifestyle for blind & vision impaired women I wanted to seek assistance in creating an icon of a stylish woman using a white cane. The twist on this image would be the woman using her cane in one hand, while carrying shopping bags in the other hand.

If anyone out there is up to the task of designing a graphic like the one I’ve outlined I’d sure love to hear from you. If you’re not a designer but know of someone who is and could possibly be interested please let me know. Please comment below or reach me directly at ~Steph

Thank you!!

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  1. I love the updated ADA logo. I first saw it last year but I’m not sure if it’s been sanctioned by the ADA. You know, because bureaucratic red tape is far more important than the advancement of societal acceptance.

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