Flexible Yet Strong & Empowered

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Flexible Yet Strong & Empowered

I am flexible yet strong in times of change.

Daily Word, July 22, 2019

‘Complicated’ is the word that used to come to mind when I would think of my relationship with my mom. Yet at 81 years of age, she has blown me away with how much insight she has into my character. Here’s a beautiful gift she gave me from the Daily Word, July 22, 2019:

There is a natural order to life that I can trust. Life has taught me that while change is inevitable, I need not worry. As I remain present to changes in my life and in the world, I strive to remain open to the flow of good. Flexibility is my strength. Like a willow tree in a windstorm, I remain grounded.

When I feel concern for myself or a loved one, I take a moment to be silent. Letting go of limiting patterns or worries about the future, I release resistance and open to divine inspiration. I realign myself so I can approach every life situation with a sense of grace and ease. From a centered state of mind, I affirm: I am flexible yet strong in times of change.


The piece I’ve just shared is titled ‘Resilience.’ What ‘s so interesting about these words is their connection to recent events and my mom’s eerie sixth sense. Here’s a brief overview of my experience at the “Daring To Own Your Story” Women’s Retreat.

For far too long, I’ve seen the value in other people that I felt was lacking in myself. Embracing doubt, fear, anxiety, and a sense of worthlessness has long been my M.O. at the retreat, something remarkable happened. This experience would take me to the National Ability Center where I’d find strength in my vulnerability.

Becky Andrews of Resilient Solutions Inc. challenged me and nine other blind and visually impaired women to own our stories. Through our shared connection of sight loss, in four days we developed a sisterhood many people long to acquire. At the retreat, we participated in a number of group activities like archery, hiking, biking, and the challenge course.

So much has happened in my life recently it’s been hard to obtain clarity. The death of one friend, cancer diagnosis of another, then traveling out of state several times in one month has been taxing. I’ve been afraid of falling behind here at Bold Blind Beauty and CAPTIVATING! Even so, life continues in spite of these events and I’m very grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way. Receiving my mom’s message on resiliency was the icing on the cake.

Featured Image Description:

  • In this photo, I am 45 feet above the ground crossing a log suspended in mid-air. One of the course staff members guided me across by walking backward as I held her left hand.

Additional Photos:

  • A gallery of three images showing me in stages of climbing the rock wall.
  • Another gallery of three photos showing a group of us at the summit of our hike. A group photo of everyone who biked and a photo of Becky and me posing in the bike shed.


  1. I’m afraid of ALL snakes great and small. Thankfully or maybe not, I can’t see them – YIKES!! I would have died on the spot if I came face to face with a rattler.

  2. My kiddos (now fully grown men) are very afraid. 🤣 One of them even threatened to put me in a home because I’m “no longer sane and his mother would NEVER do a zipline.”

  3. Yes, they are in that area. Shivering in thought. Quite afraid of snakes. Maybe not the tiny, green garters that used to live in the woods near my house, but otherwise….!

  4. Steph, what a great read and what an experience! That climbing wall and course is no joke nor is the emotional work that happens there. So excited to know you have attended one of Becky’s retreats, too. The sisterhood Becky created has changed my life. I hope you continue to feel the balance and self-compassion you achieved.

  5. You’ve proven that you can do it Steph, which means you can do anything you put your mind to. Good on you. xx

  6. Hi Brigid, thank you for your kind message. ❤ It has been rough yet on the flip side there have also been many rewarding experiences as well. This retreat helped me find balance and self compassion, something I’ve been seeking for a long, long time. The challenges looked scary to me as well but for some reason I was eagerly looking forward to doing them, that is until I got on top of the first platform. 🤣 It was at that moment I realized the reality of my situation and that there were only 2 ways of getting down both were scary options.

  7. Oh George, the hike was hoot, a hot, hot, hoot. We had so much fun and on our way down I could’ve sworn I heard a rattlesnake. I asked one of my VIP sisters if she knew if there were rattlers in the area and her response was “let’s wait until we get down to the bus before pondering the question.” Well, we actually asked the next morning and was told “yes, there are rattlers.” I’m so glad we didn’t have that answer while on the mountain. 🤣

  8. Awe, thank you Miriam. This means so much coming from you. I’ve followed so many awesome bloggers who also happen to be adventurers and my first thought would always be “I couldn’t do this or that” and now my thinking is changing. The greatest gift I’ve received from this retreat is self-compassion and I’m forever grateful to Becky and Lisa for helping me unlock my hidden potential.

  9. Goodness Steph you are going through a lot of change. I am sorry for the loss of your friend. You sure are an inspiration to many. These challenges look rather scary to me.

  10. What an empowering post. I’m so incredibly inspired by your words and your actions here. You’ve proven you’re strong and flexible and from what I’ve read mighty courageous too. May life keep blessing you as you step out of your comfort zone. 💙🙏

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