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Finding Strength In Self-Acceptance

wotm instagram template joy roja“She’s standing on the corner, cane in hand, waiting to cross, and she looks like she knows where she’s going. She’s approachable and aware. She accepts people the way she has accepted herself, fully. There is a lightness in her footsteps because she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She sees life as an adventure and not an emergency.” ~Joy Thomas, Double Vision Blog

To learn more about Joy’s journey to self-acceptance check out her Woman on the Move article.

Image: Joy Thomas and Roja (her guide dog) are crossing a busy city street.

15 thoughts on “Finding Strength In Self-Acceptance”

  1. Thanks Judith. I’ve always been clumsy, tripping, falling, etc. but I try to be extra careful now. Broken ankles, and or toes sounds so painful. Thankfully I’ve not broken any bones especially since finding out my bones are not the strongest. Falls are extremely dangerous as we get older. I hope you are doing well.

  2. And tripping is not confined to those of dimnished sight. I too have fallen, once a broken ankle was the result and last year, fall caused brain injury. So look out where you are going and you Stph, be extra careful where you walk.

  3. Very inspiring post! I felt the same way this morning in looking like I knew where I was going (I did) and being approachable and aware (I was) as I went to my final orthopedic doctor appointment to bless my now healed broken ankle. But I guess I was a little too light in my footsteps as I was walking down a different sidewalk, and I fell off a curb and smooshed my toes on my broken ankle foot! But since I was on the way to the hospital anyway, I guess that’s like running out of gas at a gas station. LOL! So, my ankle is healed, but I probably have a broken toe now. Ouch! Only good drugs can make that feel better and some time. So big careful ladies when you are boldly out and about with your cane or dog!

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