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Finding Joy in Unfamiliar Times

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Editor’s Note:

I was chatting with a dear friend of mine that lost her eyesight in her twenties. Her heart still longs to see the lights of the holidays, the decorations, and most of all her family. She told me that it is the little things she aches for at the core of her. It is this conversation that inspired my post for today. ~Abby

How do we find Joy in unfamiliar places?

Well, grab your favorite beverage, get cozy, and join me on the ride!

As I tap my sparkle manicure on the table I decided to do some soul searching of my own. What are the things in my life I miss and how can I honor the loss and enjoy the holiday spirit?

I sat down and made two columns. The first column was a list of things I longed to be doing or losses that seem to feel stronger at this time of the year. In the next column, I wrote all the new experiences in this time of rapid change. I mean the world seemed to flip upside down overnight!

In comparing the two lists I found that my list of new experiences actually grew. I found creative outlets, met amazing people, pushed myself to stay present, and found new hobbies that complimented me extravagantly! Sidebar, I was reading a quote from Helen Keller, and I just love expressing that there are things and people in my life that “compliment me in this way.” Try it out, it is super fun!

What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.

~Helen keller

I also found that traveling down memory lane was a healing balm to my soul. All the fun memories and times shared made me want to reach back out to my friend and collaborate on how we can move into a holiday season that looks so different this year. With my list and ideas at the ready, we went to work on how to feel connected and honor our sadness.

Here is what we came up with:

Finding Joy in Unfamiliar Times Childhood Memories photo is an image of a minature wooden rocking horse with a blurred background of Christmas decorations.
Childhood Memories
  • Call a loved one and travel down memory lane together! Make a date of it! Let them know you love and appreciate them, grab a time to connect, with no distractions, grab a hot chocolate, and play your favorite holiday music in the background and laugh about shared times.
  • Honor your new friends, by making a new holiday tradition with them. Maybe you can find a fun holiday project, like making an ornament and learning to do something artistic together. Or heck, even agree to purchase a silly mug and talk about how fun it is to drink out of and feel the connection of laughter even when you are working virtually!
  • Remember childhood! Yes, there is magic about this time of year and we can harness it through the heart of a child! Give to a cause that means something to you and share the holiday spirit!
  • Surround yourself with people that love you and celebrate each other. Many of us are feeling like we are not making a difference right now and are finding life to be challenging. This can spark an amazing amount of anxiety. Remember, you are not alone! I have found several groups to join on Facebook or blogs that have really lifted my spirits.

What are you doing to elevate your holiday and spirit? We want to hear from you! With love, a heart full of joy and holiday cheer!


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  • The header image is a heart shape wrapped in red yarn sitting on an open photo album on a wooden table.
  • Childhood Memories photo is an image of a miniature wooden rocking horse with a blurred background of Christmas decorations.

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