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Woman in Black

While I cannot promise to post everyday, I will publish as frequently as possible to present you with easy and inexpensive style tips. Since I decided to trim excess in all areas of my life I thought why not just share some pointers with you. So without further ado here’s the first looksy:

For a simple, streamlined look go with an entirely solid color and accent with a print. In the following photos I’m wearing all black leggings, cami, flyaway cardigan, wedges and the accent is a black & white scarf adorned with a sparkly brooch.

Two standing poses with my white cane.

Seated pose with an inset photo of the lovely dining room at the nursing home where my brother and I had lunch with our mom yesterday.
Inset: Lunch with mom in nursing home dining room.

Have a great day!!




  1. Thank you SB. I’ve always been, and bar any unforeseen circumstances, will always love black attire. It just feels chic and comfortable to me. Shades of black to white are also fabulous. My color palette this winter is mainly black and cream but if I were really honest every winter has consistently been black.

  2. That is totally awesome on you. I love how black looks on everyone. Back in 2009 I had this brilliant idea to wear only black. I had a full wardrobe makeover. Silk, cotton, wool. It was underwhelming. I didn’t look chic. I went full grey the next year and got the results I was after. Now for some reason, I look kind of decent in black. I don’t know, maybe I’m more grown-up.

  3. you’re so beautiful as always
    Nice outfit
    Have a very nice end of week dear
    kisses back to you

  4. Thank you Katelon. I’m not too crazy about thicker fabric scarves. This black and white one, while long is pretty light. But I’ll tell you what though I cannot wear any kind of scarf in the summer because it’d surely bring on a hot flash.

  5. You look great! I love scarves on others but the amount of fabric is just too much for me personally.

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