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Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tip #9

Packing Trick For A Holiday Getaway

suitcase-468445_1280Packing can be a royal pain! Packing for a short-term holiday trip can be especially frustrating so I have a few tips to make it a little easier.

For quite some time now I’ve been rolling my clothing when I travel but then a couple of years ago I saw a demonstration that changed my packing life forever. Rolling an entire outfit with accessories is a beautiful thing for a several reasons:

  1. Carry-on. Enough said.
  2. Organized and efficient, rolling and packing saves time as dressing is a cinch because all you have to do is pick a bundle.
  3. Hotel cooties, Yikes!! While not a cure-all, keeping my outfits in my suitcase until I’m ready to wear them gives me a little comfort.
  4. Ironing is drastically reduced. Personally if I can avoid packing clothing that requires ironing all the better.
  5. Don’t forget to include what you wear to your destination. As you’ll note in my example I chose to wear my tuxedo jacket for extra layers.

Using the same outfits in my Blind Woman’s Guide To Easy Holiday Glamour, the following photo grids demonstrate how the process works:


  1. Dress pants folded along the creases then folded in half
  2. Dress shirt buttoned folded in half lengthwise, sleeves folder under is placed on top of the pants
  3. Cami is folded in half lengthwise the placed on top of the shirt
  4. Jewelry is in a medium-sized drawstring pouch and placed on top of the cami


  1. I begin rolling the complete set and place my clutch on top to be rolled in
  2. Roll with the clutch included
  3. Completed roll
  4. Carry on bag has three complete outfits (2 mentioned above) and a sweater and leggings along with a pair of heels. Unmentionables are placed in the bag,s pockets along with toiletries and extra bags for dirty laundry. You may have noticed I didn’t include the tuxedo jacket, read on…


  1. Since the heels are black suede I store them in plastic bags which comes in handy when packing
  2. Three drawstring pouches. Before I had these I used to use clear sandwich bags.
  3. This is my travel outfit. Jeans, black sleeveless mock neck top, dangling fringe earrings, chunky bracelet, black tote bag and I’d wear black ankle boots.
  4. Tuxedo jacket is part of my travel outfit – BAM!!

There you have it. This example was for carry on but it could be applied to additional luggage. If I wanted to carry my toiletry bag I would simply pack my tote.

I hope these tips are beneficial. Do you have any tricks you use when traveling? Please do tell.

21 thoughts on “Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tip #9”

  1. Yeah I just noticed the follow. Looks like the phantoms of WordPress are at it again. The other day I saw a comment, replied to it, and when I went to check it out later from my computer I couldn’t find it. It eventually turned up in spam but for a minute I thought I was losing my cookies. Thank you for re-following.💗

  2. Great advice! I have rolled before but not a whole outfit with accessories.
    Steph, for some unknown reason I was no longer following you. I have corrected the situation so I have some catching up to do. 🙂

  3. Wonderful advice, Steph, and I can see we share OCD about packing. I pack some large plastic bags and use them to line hotel drawers (then I can put the dirty laundry in it). When I go on a longer trip, I choose one main color – brown, black or navy. That cuts down on shoes and you can brighten up on accessories.

  4. I know right? When I first stumbled on this I thought it was genius and adopted the practice and it works like a charm. I used to do the same as you keeping like items together. As always thank you so much for coming by, reading and commenting Peta. 💖

  5. I will never look this fancy, but damn this is brilliant. Unroll the package and no thinking, you ready to go. Everything right there even the jewellry. When I pack I do it the opposite…I keep all my shirts together, all my jewellry together etc. but I can totally see where this makes sense. Especially for an event where one might want to reduce the stress levels.


  6. These are excellent suggestions. If I should happen to become adventurous in my second childhood I can refer to these. I have a headtorch that came in handy when taking the dog out at night but recently I was given a firemen’s flashlight which seems so much more powerful but it could be that it’s easier on the eyes. The sarong/scarf is one of my favorite double-duty pieces.

  7. Lots of tips, but it depends on where a traveller is going. Some must haves for me are a headtorch (with spare batteries), an adaptor for the destination country’s powerpoints and a double adaptor for my plugs, clothes with pockets that zip up, a sarong (instant skirt or headscarf), sunscreen and bug repellent. But there are plenty more. The main thing is to travel light.

  8. Oh I know. I used to do the same thing. Would pack stuff for the “what ifs.”Then after one time of checking my bags for a flight I swore never again. This process helps me plan better.

  9. I am an awful packer. I usually wind up taking about 10 times more than I ever wear. I pretend it’s because I don’t know what the weather will be like. Makes me feel better. LOL Looks like you have the process down pat. Good for you.

  10. Thanks Carla. I took your advice on the online shop and created a Facebook and Instagram account separate from the blog. Hopefully I can get an intern to help me out after the holidays.

  11. Thank you. I collected these ones from a gift of jewelry. Others I’ve collected from online jewelry orders and I believe you can find them in craft stores like Michael’s for example.

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