Fabulous, Functional & Frugal Fashion Tip #6

Sweater + Skirt + Boots = Classy

photogrid_1479767866787A couple of weeks ago I had a Care Plan Conference meeting for my mom at the nursing home. Not knowing what to expect I opted for my black Ann Taylor skirt, Old Navy black & white striped v-neck sweater, black knee-high boots, black tights, silver plated cuff bracelet & lacy statement earrings.

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest impact. Take this skirt for example. The material is a heavy wool, there’s a split in the back, the waist band is a faux leather and the best part are the three gold-plated zippers (on two front pockets, frontal closure and split which can be zipped closed). This is such a beautiful garment that it would enhance just about anything.

Even though it was very cold the day of the meeting I felt nice and toasty. As a matter of fact I felt so good I was able to pull out the faux fur vest since I would going directly from my place to the facility.


The meeting was very productive and my mom had quite a bit of input. While many people tend to write off Alzheimer patients, the social services and nursing staff treated my mom with dignity and respect by listening to, and addressing her concerns. One of the more serious issues was a medication snafu which mom was able to detect because she still documents her doses, times, etc.

Being unafraid to speak up on her own behalf has worked well for my mother because very little gets by her. I guess we’re a family of advocates.

Happy Hump Day!




  1. Thank you Brigid. I have a hard time understanding that there are many times my mother doesn’t understand or remember things that I feel are common sense. But in talking with others they have good and bad days like the rest of us.

  2. Thanks Sarah. I had to laugh when I was describing it because I had forgotten all about the waistband. But the zippers really make it stand out and love the thickness of the material.

  3. It’s good to hear that your mom can still advocate on her behalf on some issues. And then having you…what a team! I’m glad the meeting went well. You look great as usual. I love the fur vest.

  4. I loved the line about you being a family of advocates! When it comes to medical issues, I think it’s better to be unafraid to speak out, though. 🙂

  5. I am so glad the meeting went well for everyone. I have just come home from visiting my uncle who has Alzheimers. He is really happy and we’ll cared for in hospital. Your skirt is lovely by the way. 😊

  6. I’m so glad you’ve found a place that seems to care for all the needs of your mom.

    As for the outfit, I just saw that first picture and said to myself, that skirt is amazing. Then reading the explanation made it sound even better – zippers are great!

  7. Yeah, but sometimes it’s a little difficult determining what is real and what isn’t. In this particular situation me as well as the people we met with felt that she was accurate.

  8. Love your skirt! 🙂 And it’s great to hear things are well for you and your mum…

  9. Great outfit. I wondered how Old Navy sweaters would hold up.

    It’s great that even wit Alzeimer your Mom is aware enough to monitor those things.

  10. Thank you George & Sandy!!💖 Yes, it occurred to me as I was writing this post that many times healthcare workers overlook the patient just like those of us with disabilities. I think we are getting better at talking directly to the individual but there is still some work to be done and as Nicole said in one of her comments there’s always room for improvement and we are a work in progress.

  11. Nice outfit, tastefully done. Sandy and I like this look. There is the old, old saying that still rings true. “Quality never goes out of style.” Whether we supplement it with a white cane or pose in a spiffy wheelchair, the simplicity and quality hold center stage.
    Glad your mom is doing well. Others, patients included, should always be treated with kindness and respect.

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